Thursday, July 16, 2009

Shortsighted NYS Dems Give Power & Money Back to Indicted Senator in Backroom Deal

Press Release: Shortsighted Democrats Give Power & Money Back to Indicted Senator in Backroom Deal

Press Release
Contact: Marcia Pappas, President

National Organization for Women-NYS Denounces Shortsighted Democrats
Dems Give Power & Money Back to Indicted Senator in Backroom Deal

ALBANY, NY (07/15/2009) This week, National Organization for Women-NYS learned that Senator Monserrate (the alleged abuser who was indicted for injuring his girlfriend to the tune of twenty facial stitches) was returned to his seat, and rather lucrative stipend, as NYS Chair of the Consumer Protection Committee.

Of this reinstatement NOW-NYS President Marcia Pappas remarked: "Given the fact that Monserrate was indicted for such a heinous crime, one would think the Democratic leadership in NY would be wise enough to withhold such a decision, at least until Monserrate's court appearance is completed."

Pappas said this move was suspicious, especially since Monseratte recently sided with Republicans and his long-time friend Senator Espada to tip the Senate scales to a Republican majority. Pappas continued: "Now suddenly Monserrate is holding hands and singing Kumbaya with the Democrats again. Could it be that the Democrats, in exchange for Monserrate's loyalty, promised the biggest carrot of all; his job and money?"

All appearances would indicate that this back-room deal was negotiated on the backs of NY women. Women are angry and several from the NYS Legislature called the NOW office to say they are working in a mine field and that their work environment has become increasingly hostile.

Pappas concluded: "The NYS Democratic leadership, in its infinite but short-sighted wisdom, has not only slapped the face of every woman in NY and in the NYS Legislature, but they have basically said 'Your safety does not matter.' I wonder how those same women will feel come Election Day?"


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Jerin Alam
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