Saturday, August 29, 2009

From Twitter 08-28-2009

@HappyFeminist Join the insomnia club
@TheUndomestic Yes, I love NYC
Kidnapped woman hidden in CA backyard for 18 years. Married couple charged w/ #SexualAssault, among other charges
RT @WomensRights Behind Bars: Human Trafficking Survivor Serves Life Without Parole (
Still up. Darn this insomnia!
RT @CTrouper Women three times more likely to be arrested for domestic violence women arrested 3/10 incidents, men 1/10
@niche You must know this, but just in case: The Original Cuppycake Video
RT @ShelbyKnox TRUST WOMEN. Stand against anti-choice extremism. #prochoice (Join the virtual vigil for Dr. Carhart!)
The NYC Women's Resource Network: Cool resource for New York City Dwellers:"The NYC Women's Resource Network, pr..
@sassbutt Last one was just your subconscious. Your mom wouldn't say that.
@sassbutt Believe your grandma
Planned Parenthood Newsletter: Planned Parenthood E-Newsletter - August 2009 Trouble viewing images? Read our e-..
RT @erintothemax From CNN: Operation Rescue scales back at Dr. Carhart's clinic because of NOW activists.
RT @reprodocs Facebookers standing wi Dr #Carhart against anti-choice protesters. Help us get 150 #p2 #fem2 #prochoice
press conference to support Dr #Carhart happening now. live tweets frm @rhrealitycheck #FollowFriday #p2 #fem2 #prochoice #topprog
RT @ClinicEscort met Terry O'Neill & Katherine Spillar at Dr #Carhart's this morn. So great to have national leaders standing tall with us!
RT @WomensRights Nebraska Attorney General Lambasts Carhart, Supports Aim of Extremist Anti-choicers
NOW Stands with Dr. Carhart in Nebraska, Calls for Protection for Clinics Across U.S.: For Immediate Re..

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