Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Action Alert: Contact Justice Erlbaum & Ask Monserrate Be Given Maximum Sentence: He slashed his girlfriend with broken glass

Action Alert -- Senator Monserrate Waives His Right to A Jury Trial. Contact Justice Erlbaum and Insist that Monserrate Be Given the Maximum Sentence
Senator Monserrate Waives His Right to A Jury Trial. Contact Justice Erlbaum and Insist that Monserrate Be Given the Maximum Sentence

Dear Supporter of Women's Rights,
Seeking justice for women is never easy. We are asking you to participate in a letter writing or call in campaign to insist that Senator Monserrate be brought to justice.  You probabaly remember that he was indicted for allegedly slashing his girlfriend with a broken glass back in December, 1980.  NOW-NYS was in the forefront demanding that the Democratic leaders in the NYS Legislature take action and remove Monserrate from his position of power. He held a postion of Chair of a committee. He was not removed. This was a disappointing decision by the Democratic leadership.
Today in several publications, it was reported that Senator Monserrate  has waived his right to a jury trial and that one judge will make a determination regarding this case.  We must insist that Justice Erlbaum do the right thing for women.  Below you will see a sample letter along with contact information for Justice Erlbaum of Queens, NY. 
Call or write the Honorable William M. Erlbaum.  Send a message that violence against women must be stopped and perpetrators must be brought to justice.  The trial has been rescheduled to begin September 21st. Time is of the essence. Please act NOW!  Thank you for your hard work and support for women and girls.
Hon. William M. Erlbaum
Supreme Court, Queens County
125 01 Queens Blvd.
Kew Gardens, NY 11415
(718) 298-1401

Dear Justice Erlbaum:
Today I learned that NYS Senator Monserrate has waived his right to a jury trial.    The Senator allegedly slashed his girlfriend's face with a broken glass on December 19, 2008.   

On March 23, 2009, a Queens grand jury indicted Monserrate on three counts of felony assault on Giraldo and three counts of misdemeanor assault.  If convicted, the maximum sentence would be seven years.  Monserrate denied the charges, saying "Listen, the reality is that from the very beginning I have said this was an accident. My girlfriend said it's an accident. This is an accident and we look forward to the dismissal of all these charges based on the truth." 

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence "One in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. An estimated 1.3 million women are victims of physical assault by an intimate partner each year. The majority (73%) of family violence victims are female. Females are 84% of spousal abuse victims and 86% of abuse victims at the hands of a boyfriend. Further, it is common for the victim to deny abuse for several reasons. Once of which is fear of retribution. 

The above statistics prove that this case should be regarded as a "hate crime," with no talk of  "he only did it once, or it's a crime of passion."  Such excuses are not acceptable.

The word "gender" is already included in the New York State "hate crimes" definition. The NYS Penal Code reads as follows: "Penal § 485.05 Hate crimes. 1. A person commits a hate crime when he or she commits a specified offense and either: (a) intentionally selects the person against whom the offense is committed or intended to be committed in whole or in substantial part because of a belief or perception regarding the race, color, national origin, ancestry, gender, religion, religious practice, age, disability or sexual orientation of a person, regardless of whether the belief or perception is correct..."

I believe that the crime that Senator Monserrate has  been arrested for is truly a hate crime. It is time to put a stop to these acts of violence against women.  

I implore you to do the right the right thing by punishing Senator Monserrate giving him the maximum sentence allowable by law.   By doing so, you will be sending a very important message and that is that violence against women is a serious crime. 


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