Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Action Alert: SAFER is in the finals and we need you to vote one more time!!!!

SAFER has been invaluable in helping us trying to create the CUNY-wide sexual assault policy for all 480,000 of us - a policy that does nto exist right now. Please help them with a simple click.


Jerin Alam

National NOW Young Feminist Task Force

NOW – NYS Young Feminist Task Force Co-Chair

Thanks to your support the first time around, Students Active for Ending Rape (SAFER) made it to the finals in the September Ideablob contest! This means we need your vote more than ever—for those who already voted, please support us one more time! If you didn't get a chance the first time, please take a few minutes to vote for us now.

For the past three weeks, SAFER has been part of an online contest to win $10,000. The Ideablob contest is entirely voter-determined, and we need your help to get the most votes. The $10,000 prize will go directly to an exciting new project, currently underway, that includes vastly expanding and improving our College Sexual Assault Policies Database and launching our online student organizing resource library.

This will take only a few minutes of your time, is completely free, and won't result in spam—but it will mean so much to us. You must vote by the end of this week!

To vote, please click here or visit this link: http://ideablob.com/ideas/6233-A-SAFER-College-Campus

When you click on the 'VOTE' button, it ask you to login/register. If you aren't already registered, include your name, email address, and a password. Ideablob will send you an email to confirm your registration – this is a very important step in the process, so please make sure you fully register. The email might go to your spam box so please check for it there. After you confirm, click on the above link one more time. Then 'VOTE' for our idea!

And please share this email with your friends, colleagues, and network to help us be one step closer to the $10,000 grant.

We send you our deepest thanks!

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