Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Action Alert: Thu, 9/3, 6:30pm: Film that Glorifies Rape as "Funny" Opens in NYC Thursday, 6:30 PM

From Shannon L. Johnson, MSW

Director, NC State Women's Center

Tucker Max and his new film, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell, which is on its 31-city premiere tour before officially being released on Sept 25.  His tour appears to be visiting college towns and cities with multiple colleges and universities in addition to several campus cinemas.

The film is based on Tucker Max's real-life experiences, and his writings include misogynistic material where coercing intoxicated women to have sex is bragged about, but the acts he describes meet the legal definition of rape and other felonious acts (in NC at least) - read the stories on his blog for examples.  The film trailer includes sexist and racist lines such as “kill the fat girl,” "fat girls aren't real people," and "you’re saying that Magic Johnson is black and has AIDS, and has it better than me??!!"  I also have quotes from the movie that would be inappropriate to post here.

You may not know that he and his film are coming to your community because most of the screenings appear to be in community cinemas, so I urge you to review the list below.  We organized a silent protest during his visit to NCSU on Aug 26 stating that we are concerned that the disrespect, objectification, and abuse of women is still tolerated in our society.  Books and films like this often portray such acts are disguised in humor and called “entertainment.”

I encourage you to see if he's coming to your community in case you'd like to make a public statement or organize a protest.  Use this opportunity to provide teachable moments.  I'm happy to talk with you about our response and the tactics used by Tucker Max and his entourage.

Unfortunately, I will be unable to protest because I will be at the NOW - NYC event about the next Manhattan DA.  However, I hope those who cannot attend the NOW - NYC event will protest this film in person. 

Thursday, September 3, 6:30pm
AMC Theatres - Empire 25
234 W 42nd St
New York, NY 10036-7215
(888) 262-4386

If you cannot attend in person, email the people involved and tell them how outraged you are. Clicking on the name of each group/person links to their email address.  I do not have the email for everyone involved, but wanted to list their names, so you know to stay away from their products in the future.

Darko Entertainment has signed on to produce and finance the bigscreen adaptation of Tucker Max's bestseller "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell."

Bob Gosse ("Niagara, Niagara") will direct the film, which is based on Max's real-life escapades when he embarked on an impromptu trip to celebrate his friend's bachelor party. Max and Nils Parker are adapting the screenplay.

Darko's Richard Kelly, Sean McKittrick and Ted Hamm are joining the producing team, which already includes Max, Parker, Max Wong, Karen Firestone and Aaron Ray. Shaun Redick and Ray Mansfield exec produce.

The Collective will be representing North American rights to the film.
The Collective
#318 2223 W. Broadway
Vancouver, British Columbia
Online store inquiries: store@thecollectivefilm.com
General Email: info@thecollectivefilm.com
Phone: 604-838-9581 

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