Thursday, September 17, 2009

Action Alert: Urgent: Call Your Senators about Including Reproductive Health care in Reform

Planned Parenthood


After months of deliberations and delays, the Senate Finance Committee has released its framework for a health care reform bill. Here is the bottom line for women: we can't make any more concessions.

The compromise in place assures that women would not lose health care benefits that they have had for decades while also addressing concerns that no federal funds would be used for abortion. This is the bare minimum that women can accept in health care reform — we simply can't afford to give up any more.

Tell your senators to reject any efforts to weaken women's access to comprehensive reproductive health care.

The Senate Finance bill is not perfect — but we never expected it to be. It's a compromise effort, one that addresses anti-choice concerns but also ensures access to reproductive health care for women, men, and families — if it survives in its current form. You can bet that our opponents are doing all they can to pressure and intimidate lawmakers into using health care reform to place further restrictions on women's health. After all, they've been at it for months.

Today is day one of a whole new fight, and it's one we — and the millions of women and men we serve — cannot afford to lose. Please take a minute to add your name to our urgent letter to members of the Senate. We can't let them cave into the demands of anti-choice ideologues who will not stop until access to abortion is completely eliminated — even in private insurance plans, the vast majority of which currently cover abortion.

Protecting women's health comes down to one simple thing: we have to be louder and more aggressive than the anti-choice groups that are throwing everything they have into this fight. We have to make clear that we will not accept efforts to water down the protections for women's health in the current bill. Health care reform must not leave women worse off than they are today. We can't make any more concessions — and we need to make ourselves heard.

I've said this before and it deserves repeating: without access to abortion, and to comprehensive reproductive health care, there is no choice. Please, take a minute now to sign onto our letter, and then spread the word on Facebook, among your friends and colleagues, via e-mail — whatever it takes. And then, please stay tuned. We certainly will be asking you for your help again (and again). Thank you so very much in advance.


Cecile Richards, President
Planned Parenthood Federation of America

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