Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney's friend Trudy Mason on her loss

Dear Friends and Colleagues of Carolyn-
Following is a brief message received yesterday from family spokesman George Arzt.  There will be a further update later this morning.  

Statement by George Arzt, longtime Maloney family friend;
"The long journey home of Clifton Maloney to his loved ones  has taken its first important step. The daunting and high risk task of recovering his body from Camp 2 at 23,000 feet has now been safely accomplished.  He rests now at base camp at 18,000 feet on Cho Oyu, in the shadow of the Himalayan mountain he summited late last week, only
to perish quietly in his sleep at Camp 2 on his descent. The complicated effort of returning him to Nepal/Tibet border and then on to the United States is still ahead, but there is enormous determination from all those involved to return him as quickly as possible to his home  in NY.Carolyn would like to thank Secretary of State Hillary Clifton for her tremendous efforts in returning Clif to New York."

In response to many of you who have asked where to send cards, notes, and other expressions of condolence to Carolyn, the Maloney family requests that everything be sent to:

Carolyn B. Maloney
24 East 93rd Street - Suite 1-B
New York, NY  10128

You can also e-mail her directly at carolyn@carolynmaloney.com  .  Please be assured that I am sharing with her all the e-mails and phone messages for her that you have been sending to her through me.

For those of you who have expressed the desire to memorialize Clif, the family has asked that contributions in memory of Clifton H. W. Maloney be sent to:

Princeton University (indicating that it is for the Clifton H. W. Maloney Scholarship Fund), Princeton, NJ 08540
The Explorers Club, 46 East 70th Street, New York, NY 10021
The American Alpine Club, 710 10th Street - Suite 100, Golden, CO 80401

The funeral will be held at the Brick Church, Park Avenue & East 91st Street, upon the completion of Clif's journey home. 

For all of you who have asked if there is something that you can do for Carolyn, it seems best answered by one of her dearest friends in Washington DC who sent out an e-mail which read that the best way "...to share our deep sorrow for Carolyn Maloney in her grief... [is to] put Carolyn [and Christina and Virginia] in your thoughts and prayers..."

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