Tuesday, September 1, 2009

FMF: Thanks for Your Help to Defend Targeted Nebraska Abortion Provider

Dear Feminist,
We must keep Dr. Carhart, his courageous staff and this clinic open and safe!
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We wanted to thank you and all of our supporters for helping Dr. LeRoy Carhart and our work to end anti-abortion clinic violence. We also want to update you. 
This past weekend I and your Feminist Majority Foundation joined pro-choice supporters from throughout Nebraska and 16 states to defend the clinic of Dr. Carhart in Bellevue, Nebraska.   Nearly 200 women and men, coordinated by Nebraska NOW, stood guard outside Dr. Carhart's Abortion and Contraception Clinic of Nebraska for two long days, outnumbering the anti-abortion demonstrators by more than two-to-one. 
Clinic defenders had assembled in response to Operation Rescue's announcement of a new multi-group campaign targeting Dr. Carhart, who had traveled to Wichita, Kansas each month to work with Dr. George Tiller who was assassinated in May. 
At a press conference on Friday, I told Dr. Carhart and his courageous staff that the Feminist Majority Foundation and its thousands of supporters nationwide are determined to defend the clinic and keep everyone safe.  Because so many of you responded to our appeal, we were able to provide Dr. Carhart with funding to offset some of the increased costs of security, like a new metal detector at the clinic.   
Dr. Carhart was visibly touched and said, "This is a movement by the women of America … I can't say enough to thank them." Thankfully his clinic stayed open and all patients were seen. 
Outside, clinic defenders held signs that read "Dr. Carhart is a Hero" and "This Clinic Stays Open".  Passing cars honked their support and many local residents, who saw the nightly news, joined our ranks on Saturday to help.   
Outnumbered and out-organized, Operation Rescue scaled back its demonstrations, telling press that the pro-choice community had over-reacted.  But, Troy Newman, head of Operation Rescue based in Wichita, Kansas, declared "This is the beginning, not the end … we're going to be embedded here in the community." 
The escalating activities are eerily reminiscent of the beginning campaigns against Dr. Tiller.  We will keep you up to date on our ongoing work in Nebraska to defend Dr. Carhart.  We must keep Dr. Carhart, his courageous staff and this clinic open and safe. 
Thank you again for your steadfast support. 
For Equality,
Kathy Spillar, Feminist Majority Foundation Executive Vice President
Katherine Spillar
Executive Vice President
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