Thursday, September 3, 2009

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NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault Celebration of Excellence -- 6 days left to register!: Reminder: Only six da..
RT @feministing What happened to immigration reform?: Among the many promises of the Obama Administration was imm..
Action Alert: Women's Health Care: Share Your Story: If you are having trouble viewing this email, please read i..
RT @feministnews Generic of Plan B Approved for Over-the-Counter Distribution
RT @GABblog HPV Vaccine May Be Approved for Men @FemLookingGlass
RT @feministcampus Diane Sawyer to anchor ABC World News--2 of 3 evening news anchors are now women!
RT @daveyarmon Lots of jealous Gawker commenters upset they didn't think of teaching a college Twitter class
RT @NationalNOW If you missed Terry on Rachel @Maddow last night, here's the video: #hcr #p2
RT @sassbutt "How'd you know Tucker Max was such a douchebag?" "I heard it through the rapevine."
RT @NOWNewYorkCity With millions of women in NYC, why do we only have 281 followers?? Help us get more!
RT @ClinicEscort #Bangladeshi woman dies from illegal abortion by fake doctor at a real hospital? Confusing but so sad:
RT @ClinicEscort Day 3 of waiting 4 @operationrescue to claim my $1K w/ proof of their charge choicers bullhorned client names @ #Carhart's
RT @SBartelstone - Links to Sex Crimes to Follow Texas Suspects - should be everywhere
@dockdrumming I tend to believe victims in rape cases, factoring in low reporting plus FBI saying false reporting not more than other crimes
@ClinicEscort I guess we shouldn't be surprised with #OperationRescue. Someone needs to rescue them from their racist & sexist agenda
@NOWNewYorkCity Can't wait for tomorrow's event. I've been publicizing everywhere &
Women's eNews: Opinion: Ahmadinejad's Women Don't Carry a Torch for Me: A podcast of Women's eNews' enormously p..
RT @reprodocs RT @SteveinNYC RT @CrissWrites RT @PPGG: Each year, over 500,000 women (1 each min) die from pregnancy-related causes
RT @reprodocs on Facebook? support reproductive rights? become fan of Physicians for Reproductive Choice and Health!
RT @TheUndomestic Thanks to @crisswrites for generously donating to my walk to fight trafficking! almost 50% to my goal!
9/23 Wed Panel- Fight For Your Reproductive Rights: How You Can Help Pass the Repro. Health Act: September ..
@NOWNewYorkCity Please send me an email about internships; I will forward to some friends who might be interested.
Repulsive man: "can i borrow the sugar, sugar?" When i ignored him, "that was a play on words." Me wi condescension: "i know!"
@astridasteroid Haha. Unfortunately, it doesn't always work for me :(

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