Friday, September 4, 2009

From Twitter 09-03-2009

From Twitter 09-02-2009: NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault Celebration of Excellence -- 6 days left to registe..
RT @ProChoiceNY Check out our Voter Guide to see where candidates across NYS stand on choice before the Sept. primary:
RT @TheUndomestic To end culture of rape, use Bringing in the Bystander & Men Can Stop Rape trainings.
Thanks to @HappyFeminist and @theundomestic Yes, bribery works ;)
@TheUndomestic Bringing in The Bystander program to end #ViolenceAgainstWomen based on Kitty Genovese case
Thu, 9/3, 6:30pm: @NOWNewYorkCity Presents: Crimes Against Women & the Race for Manhattan DA. Wanna join me?
@TheUndomestic I would be honored, but would you want to interview Ben Siegel, co-chair w/ me on NOW-NYS Young Feminist Task Force?
Did you know that #Manhattan NEVER elected a female #DA? In #NYC, supposedly a progressive city. Help Change that:
@kadarlikeradar We love you Emily! You, all the other #CampusOrganizers & #FMF @feministcampus rock!
Women's eNEWS: WuDunn and Kristof Say Century Belongs to Women: In "Half the Sky," Sheryl WuDunn and Nicholas Kr..
@HappyFeminist I Love YOU! Ah...feminist love fests
@TheUndomestic Emailing him right now
Oct 4-6, DC : Steinem, Huerta to headline Women, Money, and Power Summit luncheon: Join Gloria Steinem at the Su..
I promise you will LOL. #Hilarious phone msg from the type of men we should all stay away from
RT @astridasteroid Just watched Chris Brown interview on Larry King. Lamest thing ever. Did he even answer one question? #chrisbrownsbowtie
@ the NOW NYC debate 4 manhattan DA. 1 candidate just said forcible rape vs acquaintance rape. Does that mean acquaintance rape not violent?
Judge Snyder only female candidate & established 1st sexual assault prosecution bureau in the country. running for manhattan DA
Judge Snyder co wrote new york rape shield law. running for manhattan DA
Your travel agent as human trafficker? Johns in NYC use travel agents in city to book trips for sex tourism
Judge Snyder just stated that Manhattan has about half the number of prosecutions of domestic violence cases.
NowNyc pres just said not 1 prosecution happened for sellers of human trafficking but people trafficked are being prosecuted in manhattan
All three manhattan DA candidates just promised to make prosecution decisions public on cases of intimate partner violence & trafficking
Manhattan soon to be only county in NYC not to have family justice center under DA. How progressive of the supposedly best city in the world
WHAT! Women had to get letter of permission from husband to try homicide cases

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