Saturday, September 5, 2009

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@SteveinNYC NY doesn't have death penalty, so moot pt. Isn't it a good thing she's willing to change her views to reflect her constituents
@audaciaray I thought Judge Snyder was the best when it comes to the rights of sex workers, trafficked people & women in general
RT @TheUndomestic Sweet - I'm listed as "highly influential" on Topsy:
@audaciaray Oy!
@sassbutt Aww, honey! What is on your mind?
@NOWNewYorkCity Thanks for the Fri Feminist Love & the great event last night!
RT @feministcampus Are CPCs making money off adoption?!
RT @sassbutt #ChrisBrown criticized #Oprah for doing a show on domestic violence. SOMEONE NEEDS TO KICK HIS MISOGYNISTIC COWARD ASS ALREADY.
@sassbutt RT @erintothemax NOW President weighs in on Chris Brown apology on
RT @RunForFreedom More to be done on human trafficking: The Australian:
@audaciaray Cleaning is overrated ;)
RT @RAINN01 RAINN D.C. fundraiser now offering "young professionals" ticket for under age 35, only $75.
@sassbutt Mmm...#JonStewart & candy. Which is more politically delicious?
Friday Funny political commentary: #Dora the Explorer is soo an Illegal Immigrant
RT @SAFERCampus Updates and Links: Campus News, Sexual Assault Stats for 2008, and New Research:
Women's eNEWS: This Month, Help Us Ask Women to Run for Office: November ballots will not offer anything close t..
@TheUndomestic I really enjoyed the event. Learned a lot about the justice system, especially in NY. I Tweet about it
RT @TheUndomestic RT @AfterSilence "Student Texts For Help During Sexual Assault"
TV Interview Opportunity - sexual assault on campus: Organization:Investigative ReportProgram:Fox 5 NYDescriptio..

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