Sunday, September 6, 2009

From Twitter 09-05-2009

RT @MassNOW America's Next Top Model designer convicted of rape:
@reprodocs Thanks for the Friday Feminist love. Sorry for the delay; was at work until late
@TheUndomestic Thanks for the RTs
@TheUndomestic No - it's been around for years
@SteveinNYC I can't check personal email stuff - only work
@dgeong LOL
@dgeong All feminists should be self-absorbed. After all, we spend most of our waking moments trying to better humanity ;) I love basil.
Women's eNEWS: Cheers and Jeers of the Week: ABC News named Diane Sawyer to succeed Charles Gibson as anchor of ..
@sassbutt I don't understand ppl with this kind of BS. Both my sisters married outside of the religion & my parents are religious
RT @ClinicEscort Day 7 of @operationrescue leaving a $6K truth bounty on the table
@sassbutt BTW, don't you love when your ex starts dating your lesser clone?
Well, you ARE a feminist RT @kadarlikeradar @dgeong I look forward to feasting on LBP's delicious babies tonight. Mmmm, babies.
@sassbutt Maybe it's time to dump jerky friend?
RT @WomensRights Uncover (the Truth About) Abortion Coverage to End the Deceptive Health Reform Dance (

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