Tuesday, September 8, 2009

From Twitter 09-07-2009

Being home sick on a beautiful day sucks
NOW-NYS Going Green! Read Newspaper On-Line! NOW Members Dedicate Their Energy to the Passage of the ERA:  .. http://bit.ly/skeDv
RT @WomensRights Who Is Your Female Labor Hero? http://bit.ly/18iAuF (Change.org)
RT @TheUndomestic Are you what a feminist looks like? Submit your photo to amanda(dot)recupido(at)gmail. http://bit.ly/171PE4 #fem2
RT @dgeong PETA has article written by a man, on why 'women and minorities' should support animal lib http://snipurl.com/ptlb96
@TheUndomestic I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell - portrays rape and trafficking as funny, along with racism & AIDS
RT @reprodocs we've got 797 fans on Facebook - help us get to 800! http://bit.ly/9ig34 #p2 #fem2 #prochoice #topprog
RT @audaciaray Sign outside of womens clinic: "scan for sex determination of female infant is punishable"
@sassbutt Wow! Does this mean we should become #sci-fi watching friends together?
RT @FGFoundation Who would you consider to be the most inspirational woman in your life?
RT @PShiftNYC Join PShift on Tue, 9/8 at the NYC LGBT Ctr for the NYC National Equality March Mobilizing Committee http://tinyurl.com/mvapfx

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