Thursday, September 10, 2009

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Action Alert: Crime Victims Fund: contact your U.S. Senators & Representative: How Pfizer Settlement Affects Cri..
Action Alert: Tell President Obama: I Want a Strong Public Health Insurance Plan: If you are having trouble view..
Good News! Afghan student and journalist has been freed: Afghan student and journalist, Sayed Pervez Kambaksh, h..
Day 3 of being stuck home with the other f-word: Flu :(
I signed up on - now I know what Twitters say about me! #twitterLostReplies @twLostRep
RT @NationalNOW Call the White House TODAY for a public health insurance plan! 202-456-1111 #hcr #p2 #healthcare
RT @RAINN01 Christina Ricci on ABC News Topline for RAINN!
@TendaiJoe Thank you! Sorry I've been home sick & away from the computer
@ClinicEscort Sorry for the late reply; been away resting. Yes, that does mean you don't have a fever. How do you feel today?
Rt @ClinicEscort RT @mimismartypants would pay anything 2 hear Obama end his speech wi "Workers of the world rise up! Salaam aleikum!"
RT @TheUndomestic Women need #hcr bc a healthy 22 yr old woman can be charged premiums 150% higher than a 22 yr old man.
RT @zchealing Preparing for this Fri Up To Us (UTU) mtg. Other Men's anti-violence org.'s on Men Can Stop #Rape website
@sassbutt You should be proud of yourself - not embarrassed. Obviously, he is glad you did since he didn't realize

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