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From Twitter 09-15-2009

Women's eNEWS: In Uganda, Rioters Strip Women Wearing Trousers:
Some say, "God left Africa a long time ago."&nb..
RT @TheWomensMuseum Thanks to @dailyreviewer for naming us one of the top 100 museum blogs!
Democratic #Primary in #NYC. Plz vote for Judge Leslie Snyder for Manhattan DA, not only cuz she'd be 1st woman to ever hold that position
Democratic #Primary in #NYC. Plz vote for Ken Diamondstone for BKLN City Council, not only cuz he'd be 1st openly gay man elected in BKLN
RT @NOWNewYorkCity Attention tweeps! Help us reach 500 followers and all of our fans will be entered to win a NOW-NYC membership!
RT @ProChoiceNY 9 hours left before the polls close! In NYC? Find who is pro-choice with our handy voter guide:
Another act of #SexualAssault on campus. Nightmare #GangRape at #Hofstra #rape
@feministcampus Heartbreaking indeed. To feel better: Story of determination & healing from sexual assault
@ShelbyKnox Why do you consider Snyder bad 4 women when she co-wrote the Rape Shield Law & founded 1st Sex Crimes Bureau in the country #nyc
@ShelbyKnox Vance does not have the experience or record Snyder has. When I watched them in a debate, he didn't even know basic #nyc stuff
@ShelbyKnox Thanks! I'll read it thoroughly
Internship Opportunity: Film Marketing & Outreach for Sexual Assault / Sex-Positive film: In the age of consent,..
RT @PPNYC Hey NYC, have you voted yet? Check out @ppnycaf 's voter guide for who's pro-choice in your area. #fb
RT @ShelbyKnox RT @WomensHealthNY RT @sexgenderbody: Obama Appoints First Openly #Lesbian Commissioner to the EEOC
RT @ClinicEscort RT @nirhealth: The National Institute for Reproductive Health has joined Twitter. Follow us!
@ShelbyKnox did 16 radio interviews in a row this morning, in her bed, in her pajamas.
RT @zchealing RT @LokeyGSB: Nicholas Kristof asks, "Are strong women scary?" Bill Gates doesn't think so!
RT @TheUndomestic #Bush thought #Hillary was "fat":
Why we need the right to choose: RT @feministnews12-Year-Old #Yemeni Girl Dies During #Childbirth #abortion #pro-choice
Male #feminist superhero & co-chair of #NOW - NYS Young Feminist Task Force just joined Twitter @itsbensiegel #YFTF
Women lawmakers outperform men: they bring more $$ for their districts. Study by Stanford University & Univ of Chicago:
Obama abandons his promise to pro-choicers: Whether you are a feminist who supported Obama/Hillary or even Palin..
RT @GABblog A face only a feminist could love @TheUndomestic
RT @ClinicEscort a grave upon which I would happily dance! RT @rightwingwatch Operation Rescue Going Out of Business?
Just got a replacement #MetroCard for 1 of the vending machines screwing up. The #MTA comes through? What?
Obama disappoints again, making me angry I campaigned for him. He supports extending #PatriotAct provisions
@JillFilipovic OMG! I am going through a juice feast myself. I am on my 7th day & feel AMAZING. Plz message me if u wanna talk
RT @ ClinicEscort Cheryl just called her boss a liar over on the @operationrescue stream. Tell us something we didn't know, right?

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