Saturday, September 26, 2009


Posted by: Susan Stanton, NOW NYS YFTF

Hi Bloggers! I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Susan Stanton and I am a member of the NOW NYS Young Feminist Taskforce. I was born in a suburb outside of Philadelphia and went to school at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY. I majored in Government and minored in Theatre.

When I introduce myself to feminists, I always find that everyone has a story about what made them a feminist. When I was 19 I became ill with a disease that mainly afflicts women. It took me months to be diagnosed and find a doctor that could and would help me. I had always been aware and passionate about women’s issues, but this experience truly got my feminist passion burning.

I interned in the NOW National Office in D.C. from March 2008-August 2008. I was a Public Policy and PAC intern. I helped organize both the 2008 Economic Justice Summit in Georgia and the 2008 NOW National Conference in D.C. I also helped organize and participated in NOW PAC’s campaign for Hillary Clinton for President. In 2008 I also spoke on a panel at the NOW NYS conference with a group of young feminists. I am now part of Teach For America and am an elementary school teacher in Boston.

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