Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NOW-NYS Going Green! Read our Newspaper On-Line! NOW Members Dedicate Their Energy to Passage of ERA

Dear NOW Members and Supporters:
Read the NOW-NYS Newspaper on line.  We're going green!  NOW members who have not provided us with  an email address, will receive a hard copy, but those who have provided us with an email, will receive the newspaper electronically. 
What you can see in this newspaper?
1.  This publication is dedicated to the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. 
2.  President's Message: "Stand Up and Be Counted!"
3.  You will also read about our exciting annual convention coming up in October. Register early!
4.  Information on the two Veteran Feminists that we will be honoring at our NOW NYS Convention.
5.  Articles written by two young feminists.    
After you have read our newspaper, check out our BLOG!  See our member, Carolyn Cook, as she takes our  message to the streets to fight for the E.R.A. http://www.womenwopinions.com/NOW_new_york_state

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