Friday, September 4, 2009

TV Interview Opportunity - sexual assault on campus

Investigative Report

Fox 5 NY

Date: Saturday morning at 10AM, or Monday or Tuesday morning between 8AM and 12PM. Piece will air on September 9, 2009.

Description: Anyone who has experienced sexual violence while enrolled in college, on a college campus.
Investigative reporter for Fox 5 NY Erica Emmich is working on a piece that will highlight what schools are doing now to focus on sexual assault and educate students about the services available to them, as well as other available resources. Ms. Emmich was a trained SART worked and advocate while in college herself and has a deep interest in this issue.

  * 100% privacy and anonymity guaranteed (but not required).

  * Interviewees can speak on or off camera, with obscured image and altered voice, if they wish.

  * 100% of parking or travel cost to Fox TV studios on Upper East Side will be reimbursed.

  * Secure studio with footage locked and archived separately from other Fox footage.

  * If interested but unable to travel to Fox studios, other arrangements may be made.

Please email Emma Emmich directly ASAP if you are interested in being interviewed at:

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