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WED 9/23 7pm Panel & Screening- Fight For Your Reproductive Rights

Thanks to Paradigm Shift for listing our call to Young Feminists to join the Young Feminist Task Force.

Jerin Alam
NOW - NYS Young Feminist Task Force

Paradigm Shift: New York City's Feminist Community
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  • What the Reproductive Health Act is
  • Why we need the Reproductive Health Act
  • Many actions you can take to help pass the Reproductive Health Act

we want to hear your thoughts!!

Jennifer Baumgardner, Activist & Author "Abortion & Life"
Amy Richards, Activist & Author


National Equality March


This is an NYC National Equality March Mobilization Coalition ticket for a bus ride from the LGBT Community Center in downtown Manhattan to Washington DC on October 11th, 2009 for the National Equality March.

If there is enough demand for a bus leaving from this location, we will do our best to add more buses--so please buy tickets early and at full price if possible so that we are in a financial position to be able to do this.

The NYC National Equality March Mobilization Coalition is a newly-formed group that seeks to bring together existing groups and unaffiliated individuals in the Metropolitan New York area to help make the National Equality March on Washington a huge success!

Please visit us at
We've listed all the buses we know of that are leaving from New York as well as citywide fundraising events and networking/outreach opportunities.

March info:

Calling all Young Feminists from around the state

Please join the newly formed taskforce in NOW – NYS, the Young Feminist Task Force (YFTF).

Formation of YFTF:

  • Marcia Pappas, the president of NOW – NYS, and the NOW – NYS board, are serious about including the young feminist voice at the NOW – NYS level, and recently approved the proposal of the new taskforce.
  • The proposal (please find below) was accepted, with Jerin Alam and Ben Siegel appointed as the co-chairs.

Diversity within the YFTF:

  • Both Jerin and Ben believe in diversity. Jerin is an immigrant and woman of color. Ben is a male feminist.
  • They believe, in order to have a truly inclusive young feminist voice, the YFTF must include members from across the state - not just New York City - where they reside.
  • They want to include a diversity of opinions and backgrounds. As a result, they want to include young feminists (aged 30 and under) of all races, ethnicities, religions, class backgrounds and gender identities, including men, women, transgender, etc.
  • Their vision is to have a viral feminist campaign that involves all age groups – from kindergarten to college.
  • Both Jerin and Ben are excited about the possibilities of this brand new taskforce. They welcome your ideas to make it into what we all want it to be. In fact, they are strongly against this being a two-person show.


  1. An hourly conference call per month
  2. A monthly task all YFTF members must participate in. It can be as simple as making a phone call/signing a petition and forwarding the information to others.
  3. A monthly written update (a paragraph) on current feminist tasks/projects/ideas.
  4. Engage sexist/chauvinistic attitudes whenever they present themselves. This could be fodder for discussion/blogging/the monthly report.
  5. Anything else YOU want to do.


If you are a young feminist who wants to enact change all around New York State, and have the dedication and passion, please contact them at

In Solidarity,
Jerin Alam and Ben Siegel
NOW – NYS Young Feminist Task Force
New York State (NYS) Chapter
National Organization for Women (NOW)

The National Organization for Women is the nation’s largest organization working to advance women’s rights and improve women’s lives.

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