Thursday, October 8, 2009

Action Alert: Help Stop Street Harassment with Hollaback NYC

We all know and love Hollaback NYC , the blog to collect photographs and stories of street harassment, giving us an empowered response to the "hey baby"s and "yo sexy"s we hear. However, even with years of documentation of this type of verbal assault on our streets, the police and policy makers are still not taking this seriously.

Enter Hollaback 2.0: a proposal to collect and analyze street harassment data using cell phone technology. Hollaback 2.0 needs funding though! Please follow the following link to learn more and vote for this project!

They have been working hard for the past few months with their friends at RightRides on a new generation of Hollaback to create an online map where women can "Hollaback!" directly from their cell phones. Quick, 140 character stories can be submitted through three easy portals: a) text it, b) tweet it, and c) submit it through a "Hollaback" mobile phone app. Once they launch in New York City, they want to take it worldwide.

What do you think of their idea? They need your help.  Click here to tell them:
and vote for the idea to make it happen.

Once you're done with that, spread the word to your networks.  Cut and paste this to your facebook, twitter, Myspace, and LinkedIn pages:
Vote for Hollaback 2.0 then repost to end street harassment!

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