Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Action Alert: Women must have real health insurance reform now: Contact your senators

Millions of women desperately need health insurance reform now. We must have a public option. Public opinion polls now show that a majority of Americans support the public option.
Yet the Senator Baucus Finance Committee just passed a measure that does not include a public option. Plus the committee attached by a slim 12-11 vote margin a hostile amendment (introduced by Senator Orrin Hatch) that would restore funding to the tune of $50 million for the failed Abstinence-Only (i.e. no contraceptives) so-called Education programs.
The Senate leadership is now merging the Affordable Health Choices Act (S. 1679) approved by the late Senator Kennedy's Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee with the Baucus Bill. Contact your Senator and Senate leadership and immediately urge that the merged bill that moves to the floor includes a public option and does not include the failed abstinence-only provisions. Once the merged bill reaches the Senate floor it will take 60 votes to change it.
This is it. We must have a public option and no killer amendments coming from the Senate. Contact your senators to urge them to vote for the public option and thank President Obama for his continued support. And everyone please call Majority Leader Harry Reid at (202) 224-3542 to thank him for supporting the public option and family planning and to urge him to exercise his power for all Americans and include in the merged bill the public option and no abstinence-only funding.

For Women's Lives,
Eleanor Smeal
Eleanor Smeal

P.S. This may be the first real chance to take a giant step forward in health insurance reform in decades. We cannot lose this opportunity. Take action now!
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