Saturday, October 31, 2009

Budget Cuts Proposed for Immigrants & Communities of Color: Act Now

There will be a Special State Legislative Session on November 10 to vote on a budget modification 
possibly including many cuts to schools, health care and community programs. 
Governor Paterson recently proposed a $5 billion Deficit Reduction Plan for the current
 and upcoming fiscal year. Under his plan, there would be 10% budget cuts to dozens of 
critical programs (4.5% exception for K-12 School Aid). While the majority of these cuts will impact 
not just immigrants -- but other at-risk populations and all low-income communities -- 
we wanted to highlight several immigrant-specific priorities in jeopardy.

Please call Governor Paterson (518-474-8390) and your local State Senator and 
Assembly Member to oppose any further budget cuts to these critical programs 
serving immigrants across the state (a document containing the full list of cuts 
can be downloaded below).

Immigrant Services (OTDA):
  * NYS Citizenship Initiative (NYSCI): $67,000 cut
  * NYS Refugee Resettlement Assistance Program (NYSRRAP): $100,000 cut
  * Human Trafficking & NYS Response: $40,000 cut 

Adult Education/English Classes (SED):
  * Adult Literacy Education (ALE): $345,000 cut

K-12 Education/English Language Learners (SED):
  * School Foundation Aid: $686,000,000 cut ($223 million for NYC) 
including tens of millions intended for English-as-a-Second Language (ESL), 
transitional bilingual and dual language students Census (State Dept.)
  * Census Training: $93,000 cut

In addition to calling the Governor and local state legislators, please consider 
submitting testimony to the Senate and Assembly on how these and other cuts will 
impact your organization and community:

For the Senate Finance Committee; Email Kristin Rezek at:

For the Assembly Ways & Means Committee, mail 20 copies to 
Clinton Freeman, 
Legislative Office Building, 
Room 923, Albany, NY 12248

For more information, contact Jos Davila (Dir. of State Government Affairs) at: or (212) 627-2227 x241.

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