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Deadline Approaching For 2009-2010 SAFE Health Care Leadership Development Fellowship

The NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault (The Alliance) recognizes the health care system as a gateway for recognizing and treating victims of sexual violence. We believe that health care professionals must see their roles and responsibilities within the context of a multidisciplinary, community-based approach to treatment of sexual assault patients. With the aim of promoting sexual assault health care as a scientific and clinical discipline, The Alliance created the SAFE Health Care Leadership Development Fellowship to support health care community leaders who would like to play a significant role in the fight against sexual violence.

With funding from the New York State Health Foundation, we are able to choose up to 10 selected applicants for the 2009-2010.

For each of the 10 fellows selected in two rounds (5 for Fall 2009 and 5 for Spring 2010), the AWARD offers a challenging but rewarding package aimed at increasing his/her contributions to fight sexual violence in New York City. It includes a series of career development resources designed to:

  * strengthen clinical skills;

  * strengthen leadership skills;

  * enhance visibility and networking; and

  * increase opportunities to share newly acquired skills, helping inspire the next generation of sexual assault health care providers in NYC.

The specific amount of the award is determined by The Alliance, however individual awards generally range between $1000 and $1200 to cover training tuition and membership fees.

For each fellow, regardless of his or her career trajectory, the program will be an extraordinary experience. These young leaders will have the opportunity to make significant inroads in the fight against sexual violence, forming life-long friendships along the way. Fellows will acquire a solid foundation for working with survivors and refine their skills in comprehensive evaluation, treatment and evidence collection for survivors of sexual violence. The fellows will benefit from the knowledge of a nationally recognized faculty with expertise in a variety of educational methods—in short, the award will be a maximum opportunity for professional growth.

Other benefits include:

  * Free of charge enrollment in NYS DOH recognized SAFE Certification Course provided by The Alliance’s SAFE Training Institute (SAFETI)

  * Up to 46 CNEs and CMEs for completed SAFE Certification Course

  * Up to 24 CMEs for the SAFE Advanced Practitioner Certification Course

  * 5 CEUs annually, at special discount rate, to be used towards NYS DOH SAFE recertification

  * Free FIRST YEAR Membership with The New York Academy of Medicine

  * Free access to The Alliance’s Sexual Assault Library and other resources

  * Invitations to special events organized by The Alliance

  * Professional networking opportunities

  * Recognition in the special issue of The Alliance’s periodic publications

Awards are granted on a competitive basis. The Alliance welcomes applications from any individual who:

1. Holds a current license to practice as a registered nurse, nurse practitioner, physician assistant or physician in the State of New York
2. Has a minimum of one year, full-time clinical post-graduate experience
3. Is based in NYC area
4. Is sponsored by a current SAFE program or Emergency Department
5. Is able to commit to complete the online component within 30 days of completion of the classroom component of the SAFE Certification Course
6. Is able to commit to complete the preceptorship component within 120 days of completion of the SAFE Certification Course
7. Is able to commit to minimum tenure of one year as SAFE in NYC

The training dates for Spring 2010 TBA.

Application Requirements

For Applicants:

1. A Fully Completed Application Form
2. Copy of University/College Degree
3. Copy of NYS practice license and registration
4. CV/Resume
5. One Letter of Support, from peer, supervisor, or colleague
6. Letter of Commitment, verifying the “Eligibility Requirements” described above, signed by the applicant and the sponsoring organization (The standard letter of commitment template can be downloaded below)

Please note that fellows will be responsible for reimbursing The Alliance for the entire award amount if they do not complete the training and preceptorship by the required deadlines, or if they do not complete the minimum tenure of one year of activity as a SAFE examiner. The certificates of SAFE training completion will be issued only after the preceptorship process is completed.

For Sponsoring Organization:

A written agreement to:

  * Supervise the fellow through the entire preceptorship process.

  * Submit the required documentation of completion of preceptorship by the designated deadline.

  * Commit to assisting the fellow in obtaining DOH Certification within 1 year of becoming a SAFE Examiner.

Application Deadlines For Spring 2010 Cohort: Applications must be received by 5PM, December 11th, 2009.

Application Forms Online Application Form is available at:

Please note that the application form MUST BE SUBMITTED ONLINE and all supporting documents should be mailed in one packet. For faster processing, please fax the copies of supporting documents to (212) 229-0676.

The awards recipients will be selected by Selection Committee comprised of:

  * One representative from the Alliance (1)

  * One representative from SAFETI Curriculum Committee (1)

  * One representative from SAFE programs from each borough (5)

Awards for Spring 2010 will be announced by January 11th 2010.

For technical assistance with online application or other application related questions, please email to

Letter of Commitment: Please print your letter of commitment on sponsoring organization’s letterhead and have it signed by the applicant and sponsoring organization authority. Please confer with the Alliance if you would like to modify the letter.

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