Monday, October 26, 2009

Demand that NBC Stop Showing Propaganda Regarding Abortion Rights for Women!

One voice can make all the difference!

Tell NBC to Stop Showing Propaganda Regarding Abortion Rights for Women!

Recently there were reports of a  terrible Law & Order episode (called "Dignity") on NBC 10/23/09. They portrayed an abortion provider as having murdered a live birth, cited anti-choice polls while ignoring pro-choice polls, and spouted a great deal of anti- Roe v Wade propaganda.  Write a letter and tell NBC to stop this propaganda!
Sample Letter Below:

Dear NBC Producers:
A 10/23/09 Law & Order episode called "Dignity" portrayed an abortion-providing physician as having murdered an already-born baby. This is an outrageous misrepresentation of such providers.Furthermore, anti-choice polls were cited while contemporary pro-choice polls were ignored; and most characters spouted biased and uninformed anti - Roe v Wade propaganda.

American women should not be forced by the government to bear children they do not want; and religious views should not be imposed on Americans who do not share these views. NBC should encourage women's autonomy, not propagandize against it.

Select "Law & Order" from the menu on this site and insist that NBC stop caving into anti-rights activists.
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Donna said...

Overall, the Law and Order franchise has enjoyed a fairly classy run. The latest L&O episode compels me to protest several disturbing anti-feminist themes over the years: validating a right to life agenda and demonizing women's right to choose; fathers obstructing abortions; a mother convicted for murder by failing to breast feed; a controlling husband blocking his alcoholic wife’s abortion, having her confined to protect the fetus; teenage girls tried and sentenced as adults for killing their newborns and denying a surgical procedure to stunt the growth of a disabled child.

After a difficult pregnancy jeopardizing both my own and my daughter's lives and learning another pregnancy would likely be fatal, my husband had a vasectomy. Our future was assured until I was impregnated by a knife-wielding rapist. Traumatized by the violent rape and prevailing, demeaning attitude that women ask for it and faced with a death sentence just to bear a rapist’s child, I began to drink. Before Rowe v. Wade, abortions were illegal unless a woman was judged incompetent by a state-appointed panel of psychiatrists. A baby took legal precedence over the welfare of the mother. In other words, it was okay if I died; it wasn't okay to deny the fetus a chance to live. Following quasi-legal cloak and dagger dealings, I traveled to Tijuana for the procedure. Fortunately the facility was clean and safe, and the staff was professional. I was luckier than most women desperate to terminate unwanted pregnancies Although the entire incident put our family in debt, I could battle my demons, stop drinking, return to teaching and be a functioning wife and mother.

Years later, I lived next door to a couple with two children; the oldest so severely disabled she required lifelong care twenty-four hours, seven days a week. Her diminutive parents were already physically taxed picking up and carrying their normally developing eight-year-old. The anti-tax gang precluded state assistance. Without money for outside, help the family alone was responsible for her care. Confined to home, the mother couldn't bring in a second income. Surgery to stunt the girl's growth and prevent the onset of menstruation would have helped immensely. Those who would criminalize this procedure should be sentenced to life feeding, bathing, changing diapers and hauling around growing children who will never walk, talk or perform the simplest task.

Last week's L&O episode dealing with the killing of an abortion doctor during a church service was infuriating; I switched channels once I sensed where the plot was going. Women and men who fought hard for the right to choose watch helplessly as a small but powerful cadre of religious right wing dictators turn our victory on its head. We’re too old to wage that battle again, and today’s generation wasn’t around when women didn’t have a voice.

A rap on the knuckles of Dick Wolf who I assume is a child of the sixties and not a born-again neocon. Conservatives make no concessions to moderates and progressives; pandering to right wing causes doesn’t guarantee a wider viewership or longer run. The three Law and Order series lend credibility to causes that would set women back half a century. Biology is not destiny. Maybe it’s time the venerable franchise cantered off into the sunset.


Afterword: Is Lieutenant Van Buren’s cancer plot line a prologue to killing off the character? L&O is nearing the end of a long, lucrative and generally reputable run. Don’t even think about replacing a beloved cantankerous cop at this late date. Stirring the pot now is an ill-conceived, cheap, transparent ploy that bodes a pathetic finale. Don’t limp off the stage; exit with class.

Detective Lupo? Their creator added way too many wolves to the pack.

Finally, a nostalgic salute to Lenny Briscoe.

Jerin said...

Thank you so much for posting this courageous and thoughtful entry.