Saturday, October 17, 2009

Domestic Violence: Thank Assemblywoman Patricia Eddington for her reaction to the news of lenient sentence of Monserrate

Read Strong Reaction from Assemblywoman Patricia Eddington to the Conviction of Hiram Monserrate. Thank her for her courage.

News From State Assemblywoman
Patricia Eddington
New York State Assembly, 3rd District

Reaction from Assemblywoman Patricia Eddington to the conviction of Hiram Monserrate

I was not surprised at the outcome of the conviction of Hiram Monserrate.  The sentence is all too familiar when it comes to violent crimes against women. In this case lady justice is not the only one with blinders on, apparently Judge William Erlbaum had them on too. 

Because there are so many violent crimes against women, I drafted legislation (A6160) that would elevate violent crimes against women to "hate crimes".  It is for exactly this reason that violent crimes against women be treated as a "hate crime" much more difficult to plea down and penalties are much stronger.

As policy and lawmakers, we are to protect the people we represent, speak out against violence, help victims find their voices and implement strong penalties for those who are smug enough to believe the law does not pertain to them.

"I believe Hiram Monserrat must be removed from the Senate.  He has not only set a horrific example of what a lawmaker should be he has also set a hostile work environment. Therefore, the Senate must act swiftly in Monserrate's removal".


Thank Assemblywoman Eddington for her leadership on this very important issue.

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