Monday, October 26, 2009

From Twitter 10-25-2009

  • 00:25:00: RT @TendaiJoe Tendai Sean Joe, former street child, now an international advocate for disadvantaged children and youths.
  • 00:29:02: RT @jennpozner Feminist, antiracist media criticism & media activism not easy, can b draining, but apathy is unthinkable.
  • 00:37:47: Lovely time @ Alumni Association Fall Luncheon & Hawks Jazz night. #BillBrier, alumna, gave fascinating talk on #KingTut
  • 00:49:44: #BillBrier talk on #KingTut focuses on the #Pharoh 's successors writing him out of history: a familiar feeling for many...
  • 00:51:00: #KingTut story of being written out of history: familiar feeling for many whose successors forget the contributions
  • 00:52:55: Wise feminist said: maybe biggest reason for #intergenerational conflicts in #feminism :lack of gratitude from younger fems
  • 00:54:06: I never forget & always grateful for feminists before me. We stand on their shoulders #feminism #VeteranFeminists
  • 01:27:45: Pumped about speaking at the #NOW-NYS conference in a few hours @TheUndomestic will join me #feminism
  • 01:48:50: January 8-10, 2010, Battered Mothers/Child Custody Conference, Albany, NY: Save the Date: January 8-10, 2010, B..
  • 03:18:58: From Twitter 10-24-2009: 00:32:04: Thanks for the RT & FF love @christytj @riotnotquiet @JuliaBarry @MenCan..
  • 10:57:19: At the #NOW NEW YORK STATE conference. Listening to speaker about self defense. Kick knee caps if on the ground #feminism
  • 10:59:26: Make self defense part of your education. Set boundaries early in life. #SelfDefense
  • 11:01:46: Dont teach kids to be polite by letting go of their physical boundaries especially with loved ones. If kid doesn't wanna hug dont force
  • 11:09:46: California has mandatory self defense class in physical education
  • 11:21:58: If you cant set boundaries you cant be a real person. Ameoba set boundaries
  • 21:23:48: felt such sisterhood & strength & powerful to be around amazing women & men #feminists. We stand on the shoulders of veteran fems
  • 21:39:14: NOW NYS conf was energizing & inspiring: felt power of sisterhood renewed. Thanks 2 Layla, Yuki & @TheUndomestic who joined #feminism
  • 21:44:01: Thanks 4 generous words RT @TheUndomestic She did wonderfully! Talking about re-branding feminism. RT @JerinAlam Pumped to speak @ NOW conf
  • 22:19:22: NOW-NYS Annual Convention: "Beyond Empowerment: Living & Surviving in a Sexist World": Posted by: AmandaI was v..

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