Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Bill A.8957 Weinstein/S.5968 Adams passed the Senate on September 10th and must be passed by the 
Assembly before the end of the year. 

This bill, introduced at the request of the Chief Judge of the State, would amend the Family Court Act 
to establish 21 new Family Court judgeships.

Additional Family Court judges are desperately needed across the state to improve the experience 
victims of domestic violence have in Family Court:   More judges would improve the wait time that 
victims face in processing their cases through Family Court. Currently, Judges are faced with a tremendous 
number of cases on the calendar every day.

  * More judges would provide a more reasonable caseload.  

  * The reduction in case load size would enable judges to spend more time with the cases presented 
before them and provides them time to thoroughly evaluate the many aspects of the cases typically seen 
in Family Court. 

Please show strong statewide support for the “21 Judges Bill” by calling:

(1) Assembly Speaker Silver's Office: (518) 455-3791

Hello, this is name from agency and I am calling to urge the Speaker to include bill A.8957 
on the Assembly agenda. Recourse in Family Court is key for survivors of domestic violence. 
Whether they seek safety from their abusers through orders of protection or through decisions 
about custody and visitation, Family Court is frequently a first course of action. 
Such essential issues require thorough, but expeditious, review to have the intended impact 
for survivors and their children. For that, we need more Family Court judges. 
We would appreciate the Assembly for taking up this proposal to add 21 Family Court judges. 
From decreasing the amount of time survivors spend in court with abusers to utilizing taxpayer dollars 
in a more cost-effective way, this proposal makes strong sense for New York.

(2) Assembly Judiciary Chair: Helene Weinstein; (518) 455-5462

Hello, this is name from agency and I am calling to thank Assemblywoman Weinstein 
for sponsoring bill A.8957 and her outstanding and consistent work to improve the lives 
of victims of domestic violence in New York State. We hope that the Assembly will have opportunity 
to vote on this bill before the end of the year as more judges can decrease the amount of time 
survivors spend in court with abusers and utilize taxpayer dollars in a more cost-effective way. 
The New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence 
Action Alert 
Additional Family Court Judges 
October 20, 2009 
Patti Jo Newell, interim CEO, director of public policy 
Elizabeth Bliss, systems &  policy specialist 
350 New Scotland Ave 
Albany, New York 12208 
PH: 518-482-5465 
FX: 518-482-3807 2

(3) And if you have more time please call one or more of these other sponsors:

Message: Thank you for supporting bill A.8957 for more Family Court judges and 
please help to make certain it is voted on before the end of this year! 

Scarborough, (518) 455- 4451 (Queens)
John, (518) 455-4527 (Monroe)
O'Donnell, (518) 455-5603 (Manhattan)
Bradley, (518) 455-5397 (Westchester)
Destito, (518) 455-5454 (Oneida)
Dinowitz, (518) 455-5965 (Bronx)
Paulin, (518) 455-5585 (Westchester)
Titone, (518) 455-4677 (Richmond)
Peralta, (518) 455-4567 (Queens)
Rosenthal, (518) 455-5802 (Manhattan)
Clark, (518) 455-4711 (Queens)
Bing, (518) 455-4794 (Manhattan)
Brennan, (518) 455-5377 (Brooklyn)
Cahill, (518) 455-4436 (Dutchess/Ulster)
Carrozza, (518) 455-5425 (Queens)
Cook, (518) 455-4203 (Queens)
Cymbrowitz, (518) 455-5214 (Brooklyn)
DelMonte, (518) 455-5284 (Niagara)
Eddington, (518) 455-4901 (Suffolk)
Espaillat, (518) 455-5807 (Manhattan)
Farrell, (518) 455-5491 (Manhattan)
Gordon, (518) 455-5777 (Albany/Columbia/Greene/Rensselaer)
Gottfried, (518) 455-4941(Manhattan)
Heastie, (518) 455-4800 (Bronx)
Hyer-Spencer, (518) 455-5716 (Kings/Richmond)
Jaffee, (518) 455-5118 (Rockland)
Kellner, (518) 455-5676 (Manhattan)
Lupardo, (518) 455-5431 (Broome)
Markey, (518) 455-4755 (Queens)
Mayersohn, (518) 455-4404 (Queens)
McEneny, (518) 455-4178 (Albany)
Nolan, (518) 455-4851 (Queens)
O'Mara, (518) 455-4538 (Chemung/Schulyer/Tioga)
Peoples, (518) 455-5005 (Erie)
Reilly, (518) 455-5931 (Albany/Saratoga)
Rivera N, (518) 455-5844 (Bronx)
Sayward, (518) 455-5565 (Essex/Hamilton/Saratoga/Warren)
Schroeder, (518) 455-4691 (Erie)
Sweeney, (518) 455-5787 (Suffolk)
Titus, (518) 455-5668 (Queens)
Weisenberg, (518) 455-3028 (Nassau)

A reminder - the bill will provide 21 new Family Court judges across the state 
(7 in NYC and the balance in the following counties: Albany, Broome, Chautauqua, Chemung, Erie, 
Monroe, Nassau, Niagara, Oneida, Oswego, St. Lawrence, Schenectady, Suffolk and Westchester.)

Your calls DO make a difference.

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