Monday, October 5, 2009

Male Perspective: Tucker Max Can Eat Shit in Hell

Please read this hilarious and thoughtful post by Nathan Vladimirovich in response to the Village Voice article about the Tucker Max protest.

Some excerpts:
Just to clarify: I was not an "uncomfortable man" let that NEVER be said of me unless I am wearing all-cotton undies filled with chili sauce in a sauna. I was there completely of my own volition as an activist for the promotion of fair treatment in the media when talking about women.

Extremism actually KILLS THE EXCITEMENT!

Likewise, if you're Tucker Max or one of his drooling automata, eventually, you'll have to wake up and realize:
1. I'm not turned on by meaningless sex any more.
2. Women are not sex toys; they are, in fact, human beings with thoughts, feelings, and jobs that don't pay them as much as their male coworkers while at the same time objectifying them because THAT'S WHAT SELLS.

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