Tuesday, October 13, 2009

NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault posts our call to Young Feminists to join our Task Force

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Calling all Young Feminists!

National Organization for Women-NYS

Join NOW-NYS's Young Feminist Task Force

NOW - New York State commissioned a Young Feminist Task Force to help bring young women and men into feminist activism. The Young Feminist Task Force encourages social acceptance that leads to political change through activism.
Young women everywhere face harassment and discrimination everyday. For these reasons and many others like them, your involvement in the feminist movement is crucial. Join other like-minded young feminists today!

Do these situations sound familiar to you?

  * You're tired of taking the long route to class to avoid the staircase landing where guys hang out and make lewd comments.
  * You notice your own posture in the showcase reflection -- you're creeping around as though you're trying to hide. 
  * You stopped seeing the guy who raped you on a date, but you haven't forgotten what he did. His friends smile suggestively at you. You're growing so upset that you can't sleep and can barely eat. Maybe you're even thinking of dropping out of school. 
  * As a young woman of color you are irritated at the way shopkeepers seem to shadow you more than your white friends. When you take out your credit cards at the checkout counter, you're the only one the clerk asks for a picture ID. 
  * When you discover you're pregnant, your boyfriend bolts. You can't tell your parents, so you have to face a judge to get the legal go-ahead your state requires for an abortion. You've never felt so alone. 
  * Your women's soccer team is still wearing the uniforms from the '70s, and the grass on your field is overgrown. Meanwhile the lines on the football field are repainted weekly and each player has his own personalized helmet. 
  * A friend of yours has just tested positive for HIV.   Clearly, some of your friends need concrete suggestions for prevention. But your school's sex education course never even mentions condoms. 

Join our Young Feminist Task Force and see how you can work with other high school and college students and other young women who are interested in promoting and gaining women's economic, social and political equality.

Contact NOW - New York State for more information: youngfeminists@gmail.com and read NOW-NYS Young Feminists Task Force Blog: http://youngfeministtaskforce.blogspot.com.


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