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Oprah Interview Leads to Spike in RAINN Hotline Calls


OCT. 2009

Take the Challenge – Help RAINN Win $50,000!

RAINN has entered America's Giving Challenge! From now through November 6th, RAINN will compete for a cash award of up to $50,000, based on the number of donations made to our cause, not dollars raised.
America's Giving Challenge
Can you donate $10 today? Can you invite your friends to the cause, and ask them to donate $10?
We are excited for the opportunity to work with our supporters to win awards up to $50,000 but we need your help!
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Designing a Way to Fight Sexual Violence

RAINN is hosting a poster contest for our college campus campaign. The winning poster will be used to promote sexual assault awareness on college campuses all over the U.S., reaching over 1 million people nationwide!

Poster Contest

The winning artist will be mentioned on our website ( and have their design downloaded and printed for display by schools and crisis centers.
Click here for more details and to submit your ideas by November 13th!


1100 Colleges Take Part in RAINN Day 2009

RAINN Day, RAINN's annual program to educate college students about sexual assault prevention and recovery, took place on more than 1,140 campuses this fall. More than 5,000 student volunteers held events, completed projects and handed out information to students all over the nation.


College-aged women are four times more likely to be sexually assaulted. North, south, east and west, student volunteers stood strong to help RAINN raise awareness of the fight against this serious crime. Check out RAINN's Flickr page to see pictures from RAINN Day 2009.

Hotline Usage Spikes Following
Mackenzie Phillips' Interview with Oprah

Christina & HarmanMackenzie Phillips, former child star and daughter of The Mamas and the Papas' lead singer, John Phillips, appeared this month on the Oprah Winfrey Show to promote her memoir, High on Arrival. On air, Phillips told Oprah that she was raped by her father when she was 19. Following the rape, she said that she and her father were involved in an incestuous relationship for 10 years. After the episode aired, RAINN's National Sexual Assault Hotline experienced a 26% increase in callers, and traffic to the National Sexual Assault Online Hotline increased by 83%.
As hotline usage spiked, so did media and public interest; RAINN was featured in Good Morning America, Inside Edition, and People Magazine read more

RAINN Provides Free Online Training
for Crisis Centers and Volunteers Header

Christina & was created by RAINN to provide free, online training on helping victims of sexual assault. RAINN provides the service at no charge to our 1,100 local rape crisis center affiliates and their thousands of staff and volunteers.
In addition to large variety of online courses, RAINNTrain provides training plans to help local staff conduct these sessions in their own centers. The three newest courses are: "Beyond 'Date Rape' Drugs: Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault," "Train-the-Trainer: How to Conduct Great Trainings," and "Establishing Partnerships with Faith-Based Communities." By providing these resources, RAINN's training staff is helping rape crisis centers around the nation continue to be beneficial and valuable resources to victims of sexual violence.
Read more about available training sessions read more
Interested in volunteering for the Online Hotline or your local rape crisis center? read more

Halloween 2009 Safety Tips

VAWAWhile Halloween is an exciting time of year, sometimes taking days or weeks to prepare for, there are nonetheless risks involved when going out at night. Being aware of possible risks is often the first step in staying safe, especially when in a new environment.
Almost half of all victims of sexual assault are under age 18, and college-aged women are four times more likely to be sexually assaulted. Along with trusting your instincts and avoiding houses that could be dangerous, RAINN provides 12 tips for students and parents to enjoy Halloween the safe way! read more

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Date Safe Inc.October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a time to educate the public about this serious crime. Did you know that nearly one out of every four sexual assaults is committed by an "intimate" of the victim, a category that includes intimate partners? According to the Justice Department, 25% of women and 8% of men said that they have been raped or physically abused by an intimate.

RAINN Volunteer Spotlight

Helping Survivors Find Their Voice
LaQuisha and Ajia
Ajia Meux : National Sexual Assault Online Hotline Supervisor
LaQuisha Hall: Member of RAINN Speakers Bureau and Online Hotline Volunteer
In light of the attention surrounding Mackenzie Phillips' incest allegations, several media outlets looked to RAINN for information about sexual assault and survivor stories. In an interview on Washington DC's News Channel 8, RAINN Online Hotline supervisor Ajia Meux, and incest survivor LaQuisha Hall, helped to shed light on many of the issues surrounding these stories of abuse. "I gain my strength from helping others," said Hall, a member of RAINN's Speakers Bureau who helps other survivors as an Online Hotline volunteer.
In conjunction with Hall's personal story, Meux offered this advice to friends and family of survivors: "The first step in healing is to let the victim know that you believe them."

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