Friday, October 2, 2009

Project ENVISION: Mobilizing Communities to Prevent Sexual Violence: Community-Based Research Reports Released

Read about the findings from our community-based research on sexual violence prevention in the three Project ENVISION communities!
In 2009, the New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault, in conjunction with community stakeholders, conducted action-research on sexual violence prevention in three communities: the Lower East Side, Manhattan; the South Bronx; and Williamsburg, Brooklyn. In each community, a coalition comprised of local service providers, rape crisis advocates, community members and activists, is using the data to develop effective solutions for preventing sexual violence in their community.


1.  Is sexual violence a problem in the community?
2. What are the most common forms of sexual violence in the community?
3. What are the root causes of sexual violence?
4. How can we prevent sexual violence in the community?
5. What are the characteristics of the community that can support sexual violence prevention?

Please visit: to download the community specific reports and learn more about Project ENVISION.

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