Monday, October 19, 2009

Rainbow Self-Defense and Ditmas Park Chinese Yoga (LGBTQ people welcomed)

Beginning October 20 and meeting every Tuesday night 
are classes in self-defense that include secular meditation for anxiety reduction and conditioning exercises. 
The self-defense is JKD kung-fu made for the street and real-life situations. 
These two-hour classes are $15 or less depending on income
Special: 2 classes for $15. 
Anxiety reduction and mental focusing are essential.

Sifu Angie Delacroix is a Modern Shaolin Chan Buddhist with over 30 years of defense practice.
LGBT people who want to learn self-defense knowledge at an extremely affordable fee 
should consider us 

Introductory first lesson and discussion for only $5!
The regular rate is then $10 for the first hour and $5 for the second hour. There is no registration fee, and no contracts imposed to deceive you . This fee is open to negotiation and you can save by promoting this studio.

First Hour- 1 ) Kinhin- Walking meditation, a very easy form of walking meditation
2) Progressive Relaxation-a western relaxation form that enables one to perform Sunyata
3) Sunyata Meditation- emptiness meditation with no foreign or religious mantras
4) Yin Tao Chi-Kung a form of Chinese Yoga that incorporates Tai-Chi, Hsing I, White Crane styles

The Chinese Yoga increases relaxation strength, range of motion, greater coordination and a focused mind.

We do NOT offer energy healing across an air gap as in Reiki which we consider to be a questionable practice[

Self-Defense Part 2-

JKD Concepts Kung Fu system called Yin Tao Chuan
Features of this system
1) Relaxation in conflict
2) Moving body on a central axis
3) Wing-Chun influenced footwork modified for urban defense
4) Practical Scenario Training against arm grabs, chokes, waist grabs, tackles, knife attacks
5) Wing-Chun and Tai-Chi deflections against strikes and kicks
6) Striking Forms from Wing-Chun, Kali, Tai-Chi and Hsing ?I, Phoenix ?Eye. Striking is with fist, palm heel, shuto strikes, forearm, elbow, knee s, low kicks, head as striking weapon.
7) Yin- Jing yielding force
8) Select Combat Jujitsu techniques
9) Filipino Kali - stick techniques
10) Falling
11) Ground position defense
12) Grappling, jujitsu and Wing-Chun based ground- work
13) Use of everyday objects for defense and disabling an attacker
14) Conditioning exercises for strength, endurance, mobility, speed
16) Fa-Jing-explosive power
17) Chin Na and Jujitsu techniques of subduing without injuring. This is a moral use of less destructive techniques for dealing with children and attackers who are not very dangerous
18) Maintaining gentle-naturedness

Why self-defense?
Rape, domestic violence, mugging, racism are still around. We do not teach aggression or assault,only defense against it.Why is their violence in the world,and how will extreme pacifists end it?

Do we train in forms (kata)?
Not in the long sets of Japanese Karate. Form training consist of never more than 4 movements. Light contact and scenario self-defense is our method

Can somebody just study the yoga and meditation?
Of course, you can! I am o.k. with those clients who just want meditation and chi-kung. You must have good reasons for learning defense-, very good ones?Belts and tournaments are not a good reason!

Does the yoga and meditation relieve stress?
It is very helpful in this aspect. It does not work like a minor tranquilizer ,but this skill stays with you . You are encouraged to practice daily for even short periods.

Do you ever break a sweat or do real exercise? Yes I do. I do push-ups aerobics and bodybuilding
Those seeking greater strength,coordination and endurance

What was your training?
Meditation- Fire Lotus Zendo, Village Zendo, Omega Institute
Self-Defense- the following is a list of styles that I studied for either a long time or briefly (a few months) Judo /Jujitsu,Shorin Ryu Karate, Tiger Crane Kung-Fu with full contact sparring, Wing-Chun,Hsing I-Chuan, Tai-Chi-Chuan,Kali-Escrima-Arnis.

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