Saturday, October 10, 2009

Upcoming New York City Survivors Gathering in support of Child Victims Act of NY


Our next gathering will be held at the Muhlenberg Branch Library, which is conveniently located in Manhattan at 209 West 23th St. (near 7th Ave.) on Tuesday, October 13, 2009 from 5:45pm - 7:45pm.

As soon as any survivor or supporter looking to attend enters the building and let's the reception person know they are there for the SNAP meeting, they will be directed to the elevator that will take them to the meeting area that is usually on the 3rd floor. Our last few meetings went so well, that we, as a group, are looking forward to continue having our gatherings at least once a month so that we can continue our roads toward healing and to maintain our source of hope and empowerment through listening, sharing, releasing, and ultimately receiving the understanding and support we need from one another that these special gatherings can provide.

These gatherings are not solely for survivors of clergy abuse, but they are also for survivors of child sexual abuse in any religious, private, or public institution, and for our supporters.

Important note: If you haven't already signed the online petition in support of the Child Victims Act of New York that is going to be voted on in a special session in Albany very soon, we encourage you to, please, do so here at this link. We also ask you to, please, forward this message and the following links to everyone in your contact list (especially those who work with youth) so that they can learn more about and sign the petition in support of the Child Victims Act of New York.

Online Petition in support of the Child Victims Act of New York:

Updates from the author of the Child Victims Act, Assemblywoman Margaret Markey:

Updates on the Child Victims Act of New York:

We greatly need your support of this important bill for all victims and survivors of child sexual abuse all over New York State, and we have to make sure that our legislators in Albany know that we not only support the Child Victims Act, but we want it voted into law, now!

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