Friday, October 16, 2009

Women to be majority of U.S. workforce for the first time in history,

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2009 Spring issue of Ms. magazine
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This fall, for the first time in history, women will become a majority of the U.S. paid workforce.
What will this historic milestone mean for government policies, our workplaces, and our lives? Find out in the brand-new Fall issue of Ms. magazine how the social contract can-and must! - change to meet the needs of women today. Ms. sets out the 5 next steps.
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And you'll want to be the first to read Gloria Steinem's 75th - birthday wishes (true to Gloria, they are wishes for feminism's future!) and an original poem about Gloria by Alice Walker.
And don't miss the revealing Ms. interview with Brooksley Born - the woman who saw the financial crisis coming nearly ten years ago and tried to stop it - but was shut down by her all-male colleagues at the Treasury and the Federal Reserve.
Plus, Ms. Money Editor Martha Burk reveals who's really behind the supposedly "grassroots" anti-health-reform protests.
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For a Feminist Future,

Katherine Spillar
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