Thursday, October 29, 2009

Women's Abortion Coverage in Jeopardy: Contact Your Senator Today

October 2009
Stop Funding "Abstinence-Only" Programs
Many students today get less information about preventing unintended pregnancy and STDs than they did 20 years ago. Why? Because "abstinence-only" programs force teachers to censor facts about birth control and STDs and spread misinformation instead. The consequences are staggering: one in four girls in our country has an STD.

Pro-choice members in the House voted to stop the flow of your tax dollars to "abstinence-only" programs. The Senate is expected to vote on this issue in the near future. Urge your senators to oppose any attempts to re-fund "abstinence-only" programs!

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FAME: Baltimore City Council
Many so-called "crisis pregnancy centers" have long operated under the radar. Posing as reproductive-health centers, many of these anti-choice organizations actually use scare tactics and intimidation to discourage women from choosing to access abortion care. Baltimore is poised to become the first city in the country to end these deceptive practices. With the backing of NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland, the Baltimore City Council is considering legislation that would require crisis pregnancy centers to be honest with women about the services they do – and don't – provide.
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SHAME: Oklahoma's Web 2.0 Attack on Choice
We had to read this one twice: anti-choice lawmakers in Oklahoma are using
the Internet to invade women's privacy. The state recently passed a law that would post information
about why women chose abortion care on a public web site. Fortunately, the law is being challenged,
and a judge has stopped the law from going into effect – for now.
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eBay refuses benefit auction listings for man charged with murder of Dr. Tiller

NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia's video takes on anti-choice McDonnell's thesis 

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