Friday, October 2, 2009

Workshops for those who work with Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Survivors

NY Creative Arts Therapists / Art Spa

Fall 2009 Workshops

Our workshops combine evidence-based practice with creative expression to repair the impact of working with traumatized clients.

  * The Burned-Out Worker: Community As Cure (8 CEs)*
    October 7 at 7:30pm (4 weeks)

  * Art Therapy For Burnout: Ongoing Group
    Fridays 7pm- 8:30pm

  * Burnout & Vicarious Trauma: One-Day Intensive (6 CEs)*
    Sunday, October 18 10am-5pm

Seminars and trainings on vicarious trauma are often titled “Self-care For Burnout” or similar. This nomenclature exemplifies a cultural problem in the helping professions: “When addressing the distress of colleagues we have focused on the use of individual coping strategies, implying that those who feel traumatized may not be balancing life and work adequately and may not be making effective use of leisure, self-care, or supervision.” (Bober, T. & Regehr, C., 2006) The unspoken message is that secondary trauma is the therapist’s fault. This paradigm isolates a worker who may be fearful of appearing "too emotional," "less-than-perfect," or "not up to the job." As conscientious helping professionals we strive for personal wellness, but concrete solutions for relieving the traumatic stress of our work can seem elusive. These workshops address practical solutions to these problems. Compassion fatigue and secondary trauma are inevitable by-products of working with traumatized clients. These unique art therapy groups include educational information on the symptoms of traumatic stress and concrete solutions for reducing the impact. Sliding scale options payment options available.

Designed for social workers, psychotherapists, attorneys, child welfare professionals, police investigators and other helping professionals.

  * Learn to recognize symptoms of compassion fatigue.

  * Tune-in to how client relationships impact your personal life.

  * Regain control over life and work situations that are starting to feel out of control.

  * Hear from others who know what it's like.

No art experience is necessary.

*This Program Is Approved By The National Association Of Social Workers (NASW) (Provider #886522246) For 8 Continuing Education Contact Hours

NY Creative Arts Therapists, PLLC
Location: Art Spa
190 North 10th Street, Suite 301, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Directions: "L" to Bedford Ave. (3 stops from Union Square)
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