Thursday, November 5, 2009

Alice Walker gives Gloria Steinem a brilliant, original poem in fall Ms. issue

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In our fall issue Ms. brings you the inside story about feminist Brooksley Born, the Wall Street whistle blower. She warned about the risky unregulated "derivatives" market over ten years ago that has sent our country into a deep recession - but was crushed by the U.S. economic leaders boys' club.
Gloria Steinem shares with Ms. in this must read issue her 75th birthday wishes for a feminist future. Alice Walker provides a lasting gift - a brilliant, original poem about Gloria.
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Also inside this issue:
- What will the historic milestone of women becoming the majority of U.S. workers mean for government policies, our workplaces, and our lives? Ms. sets out the 5 next steps our country must take to meet the needs of women today;
- U.S. Catholic nuns are changing the face of power and the Vatican is fearful - prompting two surprise Vatican investigations;
- Courageous Nebraska abortion provider Dr. LeRoy Carhart has stepped up to the plate since the murder of abortion provider Dr. George Tiller to continue his work - and the threat of harm is not stopping him;
- Plus, Ms. Money Editor Martha Burk reveals who's really behind the supposedly "grassroots" anti-health-reform protests.
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For a Feminist Future,

Katherine Spillar
Executive Editor

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