Friday, December 4, 2009

Fri, Dec 4: Join NOW-NYS in a rally against Stupak-Pitts-like anti-choice Amendments

Stop Stupak-Pitts-like amendments to the Senate version of the health care.

The Senate version of the health care bill, released last night, purports to be less harsh, but make no mistake: the anti-abortion provisions of this bill are harmful to women. What's worse, we know there will be an attempt to amend the Senate bill to go all the way with a provision mirroring the House's Stupak-Pitts Amendment.

Demand Health Care Reform That Includes Full Reproductive Rights For All Women

Join with the
National Organization for Women-New York State
Local NOW Chapter Activists
Prominent Reproductive Rights Advocates

Say NO to Stupak/Pitt-like amendments in the National Health Care Reform Package
Full Reproductive Rights for Women.....
Nothing More.....Nothing Less!

Location: Front of Senator Schumer's office
757 Third Avenue (at 48th St) NYC
Date: December 4th, (Friday)

Time: 12:00 noon until 2:00 PM
For more info: 518-452-3944 or

The focus is the Senate version of the Health Care Reform Bill, which restates the decades-old Hyde Amendment banning federal funding of abortion. Indeed, these Hyde Amendment restrictions are bad enough, having since 1976 forced many poor women into illegal, unsafe abortions with sometimes fatal results.

But a Stupak/Pitts provision in the House version of the Health Bill added restrictions far in excess of Hyde, preventing even privately-funded insurance plans from covering terminations of unwanted and/or unhealthy pregnancies. It is in this context that NOW-NYS President Marcia Pappas writes: "This worsening of Hyde restrictions must not be allowed in the Senate bill. There is no place in the health care bill for religious right-wing restrictions on women's health."

We further insist that our pro-choice Senator Shumer please never again endorse an anti-choice Democrat. The Democratic platform is stongly pro-choice, and had Democrats welcomed only candidates with this position, this grave danger to women's lives would not be rearing it's head in today's Health Care Reform Bill.

Pappas summed up the issue: "Feminists are not going to support a Health Care Reform Bill that throws fifty-two percent of the population under the bus."

Speakers will include:

  * Erin Matson, Action Vice President, National NOW
  * Marcia Pappas, President, NOW-New York State
  * Sonia Ossorio, President, NOW-New York City
  * Julie Kirschner, Co-President, Brooklyn/Queens NOW
  * Rachelle Suissa , Co-President, Brooklyn/Queens NOW
  * Marilyn Fitterman, Former NOW NYS President
  * Mary Richmond, President, Albany Area NOW
  * Zenaida Mendez, President, National Dominican Women's Caucus
  * Jerin Alam, Chair of Young Feminist Task Force for NOW-NYS
  * Debra Sweet, Director of The World Can't Wait
  * Maretta Short, President, New Jersey NOW
  * Sandy Rapp, Feminist Performer
  * Author Bill Baird, Abortion Rights Pioneer
  * Gaby Moreno, Secretary of NOW-NYS
  * Trudy Mason, NYS Committee Woman

  * Meredith Villano, Co-Founder and Director, Paradigm Shift: NYC's Feminist Community
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