Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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  • 00:43:48: My name is Dan and feminism empower me: Posted by: DanHey All,I wanted to take the time to introduce myself to ..
  • 03:13:48: From Twitter 11-09-2009: 01:43:52: Community Continues to Grapple With Rape: From the NY TimesBy GERRY SHIH and..
  • 15:46:14: Tell Sen. Reid: Stop Abortion Coverage Ban: The House passed an anti-choice measure that would essentially elim..
  • 16:15:28: Reporter Reveals Dishonor of Killing Female Kin: Covering Women's Issues - Changing Women's Lives Tuesday, Nove..
  • 16:44:52: Task Force Meeting tomorrow....: Posted by:layla love after the bridges we have build amidst the storm...come j..
  • 19:26:48: At the who cares for #caregivers event at #fordham school of law. #GailSheedy reciting hilarious personal ads from #SeniorCitizens
  • 19:29:20: most #caregivers not given credit for their unpaid work-even from medical professionals & sometimes die before ones they take care of.
  • 19:31:08: 1 in 4 american families have an older member being taken care of by a #caregiver' most often a woman who has a full time job.
  • 19:39:10: #hospital consider physical therapy a frill
  • 19:42:15: #Geriatric care managers great to educate #caregiver to save money and help with care
  • 19:45:45: Art and other creative approaches very effective to fight #alzheimer. research shows alzheimer spares creative parts of brain
  • 19:50:20: #Alzheimer patients can live with the disease up to 12 years with the last stage rendering the patient unable to speak or walk
  • 19:53:49: Many illnesses are now chronic diseases like cancer & heart disease. Most patients are readmitted within 1 mon of discharge from hospital
  • 19:55:49: Huge problem with our medical system, which is set up for acute care but not chronic illnesses, which wastes money for all of us
  • 19:58:17: Even families covered by insurance can loose up to one third of family income taking care of family member with chronic illnesses #caregiver
  • 20:00:20: Palliative care better for patients with chronic illnesses. #caregiver #palliative
  • 20:04:12: Drs sometimes tell chronic illness patients to go to ER when it makes patients worse. It profits hospitals to keep taking patients in & out
  • 20:08:05: Stories of #caregiver and patients heartbreaking and beautiful

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