Tuesday, November 17, 2009

From Twitter 11-16-2009

  • 02:13:52: Monday, Nov 16, 11:30am: Join rally with Gloria Steinem in support of proposed paid-sick-days bill being consid.. http://bit.ly/1OGptA
  • 03:13:57: From Twitter 11-15-2009: 03:13:32: From Twitter 11-14-2009: 03:14:04: From Twitter 11-13-2009: 01:17:00: RT @Th.. http://bit.ly/1KmDpN
  • 11:16:00: Politics of Burka and Niqab Heat Up in Canada: Covering Women's Issues - Changing Women's Lives Monday,.. http://bit.ly/4DIlhO
  • 12:48:41: THIS WEEK: "Choices: Adoption" & anti-Stupak phone banks: Exciting updates about "Choices: Adoption" this Wedne.. http://bit.ly/3Ydm1c
  • 17:22:17: After a horrible & frustrating day wi computer frustration continues @ pharmacy waiting line wi man who keeps singing of Jesus
  • 17:29:29: Makes me want to tell this Jesus singing man i worship satan
  • 22:44:02: Action Alert: Help fight Racial Profiling in Arizona: Sisters and Brothers in Arizona Become Victims of Racial .. http://bit.ly/18a5tz
  • 22:47:23: I might need to throw my computer out the window or start crying. Or both.

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