Wednesday, November 18, 2009

From Twitter 11-17-2009

  • 02:27:36: You know you are doing something right when #AntiChoice crazies link to your #ProChoice blog @ClinicEscort
  • 02:35:03: Thanks, Shelby! Follow @Jehmu @HumanFolly @jerinalam for tweets from @sengillibrand /Maloney/Steinem presser #stopstupak RT @ShelbyKnox
  • 03:14:08: From Twitter 11-16-2009: 02:13:52: Monday, Nov 16, 11:30am: Join rally with Gloria Steinem in support of propos..
  • 16:45:12: Fear of Death Chills Journalism in Congo: Covering Women's Issues - Changing Women's Lives Tuesday, Nov..
  • 17:50:32: About to board a bus to DC to lobby against extreme anti-choice Stupak Amendment. What you can do: #Stupak
  • 20:28:34: On the bolt bus with @sh0rtyms going to DC. We lobby tomorrow against extremely #AntiChoice #stupak amendment.
  • 20:31:05: Bus ride has been unpleasant. 1st wifi didnt work. High pitched beeping still on. Crowded bus forced us to seat next to nauseating bathroom
  • 20:33:21: Research says women generally have stronger sense of smell than men. Not helpful in this situation. #boltbus #bolt

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