Friday, November 20, 2009

From Twitter 11-19-2009

  • 01:44:54: Feminism and the Factionalized Left: Posted by: Michelle HaimoffCross posted on and genfem.comI..
  • 03:13:39: From Twitter 11-18-2009: 04:45:33: From Twitter 11-17-2009: 02:27:36: You know you are doing something right wh..
  • 17:47:44: Kissling's Menstruation Blog Talks All About It: ---------- Forwarded message ----------From: Women's eNews..
  • 18:18:07: Wed, Dec 2: Lobby to Stop Extremely Anti-Choice Stupak-Pitts: If you are having trouble viewing this email, ple..
  • 18:48:50: Women and Climate Change: What YOU can do:   Women & Climate Change Campaign Materials With environmental d..
  • 19:46:28: Urgent: Doctors' lives at North Carolina clinic are being threatened: Take Action to Protect a Women's Health C..
  • 20:19:33: Help Wanted: Clinician/Outreach Worker: Organization:Mount Sinai HospitalProgram:Sexual Assault and Violence In..
  • 20:30:11: RT @NOWNewYorkCity: Listen up Congress! You can't take away abortion coverage #justbecause you want to quickly pass #hcr bill. It's disc ...
  • 20:41:34: Thanks for the RTs & Twit love @NYCREMilton @MenCanStopRape @christytj @feministcampus @erikalilmama @CrissLCox @FemaleTalk @reprodocs
  • 20:45:11: Thanks for the RTs & Twit love @biancamv @MaameMensima @PEPheartsRJ @ShelbyKnox @KimRossi @StellaPace @ProChoiceGal @ProChoiceGal @cheryltz
  • 20:46:21: Thanks for the RTs & Twit love @HappyFeminist @MeanderingSoul
  • 21:50:38: House (and Senate!) Bargain Away Women's Health: The House of Representatives has dealt a devastating blow to w..
  • 22:47:52: Feminist Events in NYC: Paradigm Shift: NYC's Feminist Community & SAFER Proudly PresentSEX. CONSENT. POWER..
  • 23:47:35: RT @dgeong: RT @feministcampus GWU School of Pub Health finds #Stupak -Pitts amend restricts abortion for millions of wmn http://snurl.c ...
  • 23:47:44: RT @dgeong: RT @feministcampus Have your groups tell Congress YES on health care bill, NO on #Stupak ! Find yer members: ...
  • 23:47:54: RT @dgeong: RT: @Stop_Stupak: Hey NY: ROAD TRIP! FREE bus fr NYC to #stopstupak protest and lobby day in DC 12/2. Who's in? http://bit.l ...
  • 23:51:48: other amazing @feministcampus Feminist Majority Foundation organizers with us @ DC yesterday @dgeong Wendy, Patrice & Val. Thank you!

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