Sunday, November 22, 2009

From Twitter 11-21-2009

  • 02:06:55: Just had an energizing & inspiring NOW-NYS Young Feminist Task Force meeting wi @itsbensiegel @MichelleHaimoff & others. #youngfeminists
  • 03:13:33: From Twitter 11-20-2009: 03:14:42: From Twitter 11-19-2009: 01:44:54: Feminism and the Factionalized Left: Post..
  • 16:45:00: Mon, Nov 23, 7-9 pm: Monthly Divorce/Child Custody Forum in Nassau County: Divorce Forum Meeting Sponsored by t..
  • 17:14:11: Women's eNews: Cheers & Jeers of the week: Covering Women's Issues - Changing Women's Lives Saturday, N..
  • 19:31:08: died & went to feminist heaven this wk. Tue: Rally & photos wi Gloria Steinem. Wed: lobby day wi @elliesmeal Spoke to both #feminist icons
  • 19:32:15: Both @elliesmeal & Gloria Steinem thanked me & other young feminists for our activism. WHAT! They thanked us? This must be #feminist heaven
  • 19:37:34: RT @ShelbyKnox: The # 100 LPGA tour player made $72,861 last year. The # 100 PGA player made $838,707. Cost of sexism: $766,026+ http:// ...
  • 19:46:46: Some RT from Wed during DC lobby day to #stopstupak RT @cecilerichards Sen. Dodd just said "we need to speak out..."
  • 19:49:02: from Wed lobby day to #stopstupak RT @cecilerichards Loving energy from women's orgs on the Hill! Shout out to Lorraine Cole, CEO of #YWCA
  • 19:49:52: from Wed lobby day to #stopstupak RT @cecilerichards Great to be w/ @NCJW Prez Nancy Ratzan day before Sen. Reid intros bill tomorrow
  • 19:50:48: from Wed lobby day to #stopstupak RT @cecilerichards Heading into talk wi Senators w/ @EllieSmeal @catholicschoice Prez & so many more
  • 19:52:24: from Wed lobby day to #stopstupak RT @cecilerichards DC today asking Congress to pass health care reform, History in the making
  • 20:14:17: URGENT: Sign Petition to Get Rid of abuser Senator Monserrate before committee meets next week: Senate Select C..
  • 22:13:57: RT @SenGillibrand: So proud the Senate has voted to proceed to debate on hcr bill. Still a lot of work left to do but this was an import ...

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