Thursday, November 26, 2009

From Twitter 11-25-2009

  • 03:13:33: From Twitter 11-24-2009: 01:51:35: Thanks for the RT @ShelbyKnox01:53:35: Pictures from #stopstupak lobby day o..
  • 18:14:46: Health Battle Over Abortion Moves to Senate Bill: Covering Women's Issues - Changing Women's Lives Wedn..
  • 18:44:50: Planned Parenthood guide to dinner table conversation (and more): Two things happen at my dinner table at Thank..
  • 19:13:38: NOW-NY State-Young Feminist Task Force rallies wi #GloriaSteinem for Paid Sick Leave in NYC #feminism
  • 19:14:27: Help the City of Joy, a special facility for survivors of sexual violence in Congo:         With thanks, Give t..
  • 19:17:54: Police 'sceptical of rape victims from poor areas' #rape #disgusting
  • 19:19:24: RT @ShelbyKnox: RT @ClinicEscort over at my blog, we're matching donations to NNAF @abortionfunds. Help a woman get her abortion http:// ...
  • 19:28:49: RT @FeminismIsLove: Impregnate men. OR RUN FOR OFFICE. 17% of congress is female. That's not representation. #hcr #health #women RT!!

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