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Health-Care Reform Update: Joining Forces to Stop Stupak

November 2009

   From the desk of
    Kelli Conlin:

Kelli Conlin
I write in hopes that you enjoyed a much-needed Thanksgiving break.
I never would have thought that in 2009 we'd be fighting tooth and nail to hang on to insurance coverage for abortion services. Whereas we entered the health-care reform process hoping to expand women's reproductive-health care, the last few weeks have taught us we need to ensure that we don't lose benefits many women already have.
Despite the setback presented by the House's attachment of the Stupak-Pitts amendment to the health-reform bill, I'm heartened by how swiftly and forcefully the entire pro-choice community has swung into action. Our activism ensured that the bill put forth by the Senate did not contain Stupak-like language. Now, we're standing with our partners, heading to Washington, D.C. on December 2, and working around the clock to ensure that further restrictions don't make it through to the final bill.
Have no doubt: we're in the midst of one of the toughest battles for abortion access we've faced in years. In the midst of it, it is important to recognize the accomplishments that have been made recently - such as pro-choice electoral victories and the passage of the Clinic Protection Act in New York State. Such successes show us that despite the threats and setbacks we face, continued support from supporters like you can and will effect change.
For Choice,
Kelli Conlin
Kelli Conlin

 Health-Care Reform Update: Joining Forces to Stop Stupak
NY anti-stupak presserWhen 240 House members voted to attach the Stupak amendment to the health-reform bill, the pro-choice community was determined to not let this setback go unanswered. On November 16, we stood with Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Gloria Steinem, and pro-choice leaders from across New York to oppose the Stupak amendment.
While, the bill put forth by the Senate doesn't repeal existing restrictions on abortion access, it does avoid Stupak-like measures, and we need to keep it that way. There are several ways you can join forces to stop Stupak. For starters:
  • Join us for a Lobby Day in Washington, D.C. on December 2. Contact Lalena Howard at or 646-520-3506 to find out how.
  • Send us your story. How will a ban on abortion coverage effect your life? Share your story with us. Email Lalena at and we'll carry it with us to Washington D.C.
  • Email Sens. Gillibrand and Schumer to stand firm against a ban on abortion coverage in the Senate bill.
For more ways you can take action, check out our "Action A Day to Keep Stupak Away" campaign on Facebook.
    Legislative Update: New York Passes Clinic Protection Act
NY AlbanyNARAL Pro-Choice New York is proud to thank Assemblymember Sam Hoyt and Senator Kevin Parker for sponsoring the Clinic Protection Act (S6112/A8924), which Governor Paterson signed into law last month. This legislation ensures appropriate punishment for those who commit violent acts against reproductive health-care providers, volunteers at health centers or the women seeking those critical health services. In the wake of the tragic shooting of Dr. George Tiller earlier this year, enactment of this law reinforces the fact that New Yorkers value both a woman's right to access reproductive health care and the workers who provide that care. 
    Electoral Update: Pro-Choice Victories Across the State
NY vote buttonState and local elections are important - and New Yorkers know that. On November 3, we made an important step toward building and sustaining a New York where women's health and rights are priorities. More than 90% of the candidates NARAL Pro-Choice New York endorsed were victorious!
We are particularly excited to celebrate the third term of pro-choice champion Mayor Mike Bloomberg as well as the success of Syracuse's first female Mayor, Stephanie Miner. NARAL Pro-Choice New York - and our wonderful activists - played a critical role in a number of races this year, canvassing, phone banking, and coordinating direct mail campaigns. See the full list of victorious endorsed candidates.
    Event Update: Choices Series
Over the past few months, NARAL Pro-Choice New York hosted our "Choices" speaker series to look beyond the right to abortion and explore other facets of true reproductive freedom. The final installment, "Choices: Adoption," took place on November 18 and highlighted the work being done to ensure that all people have access to and are supported in the process of adoption.
Cosponsored by Spence-Chapin and the LGBT Center's Center Kids program, "Choices: Adoption" featured representatives from Spence-Chapin and an expert on transracial adoption.
Thanks to everyone who participated in the informative and thought-provoking "Choices" series this year!
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