Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hello Beloveds: just a friendly excited reminder that we are having a meeting this evening from 6-8. Also meeting: Goddess Gala this Sat 11.14 7-11pm*

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Hi Hope this finds you well. I wanted to remind all of us that there is a meeting this evening for all that can make it it would be brilliant to see as many faces as possible-- bring all our beauty and ideas together...

I apologize for the last minute reminder or notice-- still trying to bring all this together-- we all have very busy lives but we will get this up and running, smooth & steady in no time -- once we have some captains executing plans that all fit together in a big picture sense.

I have been speaking with the NOW NYS & NYC Chapters, as well as, National. They have agreed to put some of my images & cards and the wearable art of Love & Lion designed with Ms. Yuki Tanaka onto their sites for the holidays and ear mark 30% of the profit for themselves and another 30% for the Task Force---

I am hoping this adds some serious money to the honey-pot so that we can do full force actions, big beautiful stunts. The idea of surrounding the city with women holding hands is one that we have envisioned and have had the great offer from Ms. Liz Abzug to work with her and the UN to make this possible during the Women's Summit in spring. This could be a revolutionary moment in herstory!!

We are going to need a million people to come together in solidarity to actualize this. We will need talent from every field to pull this off... let's live change.!!

Hope to see you this evening. If you cannot make it we will also be in the space this Saturday evening for a Goddess Gala from7-11pm. The space, Baron -- a high end eco-friendly show room for Tiffany's and such and it's owner Paul have offered to us to us the space for the regional NOW convention and the whole month for whatever we can think of... let's have fun!!
If you are in NYC and you make art, media, dance, politics, law...whatever you do you are needed tonight by the NOW Young Feminist Task Force... we are planning bug beautiful events, working with the UN to-- it is all new-- there is room for you to grow and add your voice, your joy, your in action*

545 West 45th Street. Between 10th & 11th. 3rd Floor 6-8pm

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