Thursday, November 19, 2009

Help Wanted: Clinician/Outreach Worker

Mount Sinai Hospital

Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention Program (SAVI) Takanot

Full/Part Time: Part-Time Position (2 days per week)

Location(s): Manhattan

Job Description: Provide clinical services to the Orthodox Jewish Community via SAVI’s Takanot Program. Assist survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence and their loved ones by identifying and resolving or ameliorating needs related to the trauma through providing trauma-specific therapies, facilitating referrals, providing advocacy, and contributing to SAVI's overall provision of services to the community, particularly for the Orthodox Jewish community. Provide outreach and prevention education to the community as requested by Takanot Program Coordinator.

Responsibilities: Primarily for Takanot Program
* Conduct intake interviews for sexual assault, rape, incest, child sexual abuse and domestic violence survivors.
* Provide clinical consultation, assessment and referral services.
* Develop treatment plans inclusive of goal-setting and with a view towards re-empowering the survivor.
* Provide support and referral for legal, medical, financial and other concrete needs.
* Provide individual short-term (12 sessions) and long-term (up to one year) trauma-specific therapy for adults, adolescents and families.
* Provide short-term group therapy.
* Keep timely and accurate records and statistics.

* Provide primary prevention, education and outreach in the Orthodox community around sexual and intimate partner violence under the direction of the Outreach & Training Coordinator at the request of the Takanot Coordinator.
* Engage in professional development, including continuing education, participation in professional organizations, and maintaining state licensure.

Job Qualifications:
* Current NY Clinical license (MSW or equivalent Counseling License).
* Familiarity with and knowledge of Orthodox Jewish observances and customs.
* Experience with public speaking.

To apply contact: Amy Schwartz, LMSW
Phone: 212-423-2147

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