Sunday, November 8, 2009

House Democrats allow Anti-Choice Democrats & Republicans to Use Women's Bodies as a Bargaining Chip

House Democrats allow Anti-Choice Democrats and Republicans to Use Women's Bodies as a Bargaining Chip in New Health Care Reform Package. For Shame! Tell our US Senators to Stand Strong for Women's Reproductive Rights. Take Action NOW!

Democrats in the House of Representatives Throw Women Under the Bus with Stupak Amendment

Tell US Senators to vote NO on the Entire Health Care Reform Package! Act NOW!

Tell US Senators to vote NO on the
Entire Health Care Reform Package!

In an effort to placate anti-choice Democrats, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has allowed passage of a very dangerous amendment that will affect women's lives. The National Organization for Women-NYS is stunned with the passage of the Stupak Amendment, which would ban the public health insurance option from funding abortion, and also ban any private plan operating within the exchange from funding abortions. Under Stupak's plan, a woman buying private insurance from within the exchange with her own money would not have a choice of a plan that covers abortion. In short the Stupak Amendment throws American women under the bus.

According to the American Public Health Association, "The Stupak amendment would prohibit the 'public option' created in the legislation from covering abortion services. In addition, the amendment would prohibit any individual receiving subsidies for their insurance premiums from purchasing a plan that offers abortion services. The amendment could significantly impact lower and middle-income women who are not able to afford to purchase separate supplemental coverage for abortion services."

This amendment nullifies all the positive provisions in the House bill. And while feminists were willing to support Health Reform lacking a single-payer system, extending the Hyde Amendment's prohibition of abortion funding to private plans is the most repulsive and unacceptable action. Unless the Senate bill is Stupak-free, NOW-NYS will oppose the final legislation and will indeed oppose the Democrats who sabotaged women. Feminists begged the party not to allow the passage of this bill and yet women are paying the price. Why is it that women are always the victims of compromise?

The House of Representatives have already voted to pass this amendment along with the final health care reform bill.  But NOW members and all women's rights supporters should immediately call their Representatives, their Senators, and President Obama with a short message like: "I am a supporter of health care reform, but I'm calling to urge you to please OPPOSE the entire Health Care Reform Package. This bill now has an amendment that curtails women's access to reproductive health care. Your vote for a Health Care Reform Bill that holds women's bodies' hostage will determine my vote next November!"
If you live in New York State you can contact your Congressional Representative, your US Senator and President Obama , by clicking on the "Take Action" link above to find their contact information. Act NOW!

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