Monday, November 9, 2009

My name is Dan and feminism empower me

Posted by: Dan

Hey All,

I wanted to take the time to introduce myself to the Young Feminist Blogosphere. I am would like to think I have been a believer in feminism all my life but awareness of the movement really did not manifest until I was 19 years old. I have a particular interest in doing education work and advocacy around anti-violence work. It took witnessing the aftermath of masculinity violence to open my eyes and now I see it everywhere and can never look away. I started an organization to bring awareness and plan events around issues of sexual assault during my college years. I was also successful in vastly improving our colleges SA policies.

This past weekend, I traveled to the first international conference for campus-based men's gender equality and anti-violence groups. There were over 300 people from across the nation, I'd have to say there was a good mix between students and activists/staff that work with students on these issues. It was hosted at the beautiful St. Johns in St. Cloud, MN. I reconnected with many men in the movement and met many new ones doing amazing work. Many of my male rolemodels were present, Dr. Kimmel, Kaufman, Hurt, and more. It was really encouraging and revitalizing getting support from other male peers in the movement. Many self-idenified men are fragmented in this movement and it was great to come together (not saying we cannot be connected through the great work women have been doing for decades longer, but it just gets lonely being surrounded my hypermasculine rhetoric constantly).

I gave a short workshop on how to run a successful grassroots campaign for sexual assault policy reform. It went over well - I had over 30 people in the audience. The three main objectives was learning how to create successful demands, effect tactics, and how to build support.

Don't ask me how...since I am soo overcommitted already but I am helping plan the 2nd annual and dont worry I think the title will be changing to be more inclusive! :o)

Don't let me forget, Dec 3rd 6:30pm any men interested in attending a Men's Roundtable discussion in manhattan to discuss issues ranging from men's nutrition to domestic violence. Let me know.

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