Thursday, November 5, 2009

Posted by: Yuki Tanaka

Dear fellow Revolutionaries !

Thank you for gathering & I am very excited to be apart of the new YFTF and to add my energy & my skills to the collective . For all of us, this is a time to actualize a jump in History within our lifetime by working together ! Together , by uniting all women with a singular agenda of equality & humanity , by training and working together as comrades without fear nor doubt, we will lead by example with courage & dedication as we extend a hand to all in need, and for all who seek peace & Love to join us !

Never in history has there been such a time , where women can come together on such a scale and correct unjustifiable violence & injustice for our kind as well as for our children and ultimately for all of human kind. I see the task force is the force that is going to take care of that task as it's sole mission. A collective force of fierce, intelligent & talented goddess warriors coming together to get the job done and by example show a way to a more balanced & nurturing option of co-existing on this planet ! By coming together , we are on this path !

Looking forward to meeting all of you tonight at our meeting !

Love & Blessings ,


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